Dragonball Z Best Characters! Who Are In Top 10 List?

Dragon Ball has long been deemed one of the most durable and successful anime brands and has spawned multiple episodes, movies, and spin-offs in the process.

With such a long-running property (starting in 1984 with a manga), the franchise has given us a variety of characters that have subsequently gone on to become legendary and well-embraced by the fandom and has generated quite a few conversations along the way.

Perhaps the most popular and significant incarnation of the Dragon Ball franchise, and the one with arguably the most beloved characters, is Dragon Ball Z.

10. Frieza

Frieza is one of the most renowned villains in the history of the Dragon Ball series. When Goku and his comrades faced Frieza in the original series, he was a lethal and clever opponent with an androgynous look and terrifying mannerisms.

dragonball z character

Frieza was one of the show's early and most iconic villains thanks to their darkly comedic nature and intensity. Frieza is one of the most intriguing villains in a long line of antagonists in the Dragon Ball series.

9. Cell

When it comes to baddies in this series, Cell is one of the most terrifying and fearsome villains ever encountered. For that reason and others, his appearances in Dragon Ball Z are among the most unsettling and visceral in the series' history.

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With Cell as a foe, the show's stakes were raised dramatically and the ante was increased significantly for the series. Every arc Cell was a part of from the beginning to the end had an impact on the course of the series and produced a lasting impression.

The cell was more than simply a fun antagonist; he also brought weight and drama to the show.


8. Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the show's most charming and genuinely funny characters, serving as both a wise old man and a comic relief at the same time.

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In addition to some of the show's most comedic moments, his lessons and antics have also contributed to its most heartwarming and meaningful ones.

This also strengthens the attraction of Master Roshi, who is one of the most moral and insightful characters in the show. It's impossible to deny that Master Roshi is one of the show's most beloved characters.

7. Krillin

Krillin is one of the show's most lovable and loyal characters, because to his scrappy personality and determination.

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Despite being repeatedly defeated, Krillin's unwavering devotion to Goku has helped him to maintain his place as a prominent character throughout the series.

When Krillin was slain by Freiza (in one of the numerous instances of Krillin's death), Goku was inspired to become a Super Saiyan, and this was the culmination of his arc's major events. Krillin has become a beloved character in the series thanks to his tough exterior.

6. Android 18

Android 18 is one of the most complex and frightening characters in Dragon Ball Z, and he has a fascinating story arc.

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A villain at first, Android 18 gradually develops more humanity as the series progresses and becomes an important character. Krillin and Android 18 have a romantic relationship that goes the full length of the show.

Android 18 develops into one of the most complex characters in the Dragon Ball universe by the end of the series.

5. Bulma

Bulma is one of the most important characters in the series because of her originality and resourcefulness. Bulma's tenacity and sass have served her well in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, fueling some of the series' most pivotal moments.

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Bulma has grown and changed over the course of the series, and she even ended up dating Vegeta. Bulma has endured the most growth as a supporting character and been a part of the most memorable moments throughout the run of the show.

Bulma is widely regarded as one of the best characters in the series and is a fan favorite.

4. Trunks

Trunks has a colorful past for a helper. During the Cell saga, he debuted as an elder future version of himself; later, he emerged as a younger incarnation, born from Bulma and Vegeta's romance.

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He has a complicated relationship with Vegeta and a complicated backstory that deals with the weight of traveling two universes.

3. Piccolo

Piccolo, one of Dragon Ball lore's most dynamic and iconic characters, has had an enthralling journey. Few characters in the series have had such a wide range of roles as Piccolo, from Goku's fiercest rivals to his reluctantly faithful ally.

One of the best characters in the series, according to many fans, and he's always been such.

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Piccolo is a character who made an impact right away and is widely regarded as one of the most influential ones due to his complex personality and commanding physical presence.

Even after all these years, Piccolo remains one of the most intriguing characters in Dragon Ball Z because of his complex reasons and formidable personality.

2. Goku

Goku, the hero of the Dragon Ball series, is an obvious omission from any list of Dragon Ball characters. There are many dramatic and emotional high points in the series because of Goku's valiant struggles.

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This character's journey sees him become an expert warrior while also learning about himself and trying to save the human race from certain peril.

Strong characters can easily become one-dimensional, but Goku is fortunate to be permitted to have true reasons that give him a significant amount of depth.

1. Vegeta

Few characters in Dragon Ball Z have undergone such a dramatic transformation as Vegeta. His character development has seen him transform from a tortured soul seeking acceptance, a merciless enemy, and a damaged individual seeking redemption.

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Because of all of these facets, his path has never been static, and his motivations have always been nuanced.

Many famous moments in the series have been helmed by Vegeta, and his development throughout the course of the series has ensured his appeal.

Vegeta is one of the rare villainous characters in anime that manages to be both bombastic and complex at the same time. Dragon Ball's most important character, Vegeta, has a complex arc with a rich growth, and his redemption arc is regarded as one of the series' best.