Dragon Age: Absolution Review – Is It a Treat for Fans?

Dragon Age: Absolution Review: Fans of the critically acclaimed video game series will enjoy the nonstop action in “Dragon Age: Absolution.” The six-part animated series features unforgettable characters, breathtaking animation & an expanded universe of Thedas, including our first glimpse at a major locale & some probable plot threads of the future game. That being said, the show hardly gives a thought to individuals who aren't familiar with the games; names & terminology are dropped quickly & there isn't much in the way of an explanation for how anything works.

Dragon Age: Absolution Story

Miriam is an experienced thief & a fugitive elf. She runs into her old acquaintance Mira & is persuaded to go on a quest to the summer palace of Tevinter Divine to rescue a potent magical artifact. Miriam, Hira, Fairbanks, Roland, Lacklon & Qwydion make up the team. After breaking into the palace & vault to steal the artifact, one of the groups betrays the others, resulting in the deaths of Hira & Fairbanks while the others get away.

Dragon Age: Absolution Review

The group has decided to return to the palace in order to free Hira, but in doing so, Miriam may have to confront the people she had to fight against during her horrible childhood as a slave in the palace. High-ranking mage Magister Rezaren wants Circulum to bring the dead back to life. Following the first fight, Miriam & her squad go for the second & successfully break free of Hira, who reveals to be the traitor & has delivered Miriam the artifact.

Miriam was going to be the one to kill the Magister, but the team was able to foil his intentions & save her in time. Then, Miriam tries to get Hira to join her side & let go of her animosity. Hira, however, is unable to stay with the crew & instead bolts to join up with her allies, who are powerful enemies of the Tevinter realm & eagerly anticipate its annihilation. In order to prevent the Circulum from falling into the wrong hands, Miriam & her team set out once more to find it.

Dragon Age: Absolution Review

A band of hired guns robs the bad guys of a relic with terrible demonic blood magic powers. Despite her reluctance to return to Tevinter and her encounter with the strong wizard Rezaren Ammosine, who may be up to another disastrous plan that requires the same golden ring, the rogue elf Miriam gets lured into the case. Absolution focuses on the heroes after Dragon Age: Inquisition's vast scope. These themes and traditions may be known to action, fantasy, and heist fans.

Dragon Age: Absolution Review

Leading the mercenaries to Tevinter evokes awful memories for some. Despite its innovative style and representation of fantastical beings like elves and giants, the plot is laden with images of reality, especially through their culture's hierarchy. Due to her slavery, Miriam's childhood was full of pain, which gave this case its poignancy. On Hira's persuasion, she returns to the area that caused those tragedies as a mercenary.

We observe an inter-class romance in which Miriam relies on Hira's idealistic approach as her anchor, but the latter doesn't see through the complexities of the former's living conditions & the ramifications of her history. Unlike Miriam, Qwydion is a fighter who accepts others. By setting up the following plot arc, Absolution bridges the gap between Inquisition & Dreadwolf.

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