Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review – Youth Patrol!

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review: The Doom Patrol has prevented numerous apocalypses from destroying humanity, but the greatest threat has yet to be encountered.

Willoughby (Mark Sheppard) pays a visit to our dysfunctional superheroes in “Youth Patrol” to fill them up on the latest developments regarding Immortus, the interdimensional deity capable of consuming all of existence.

And what do our heroes do when they hear such terrible news? Naturally, they decide to crash a party. In this article, we will read about Doom patrol season 4 episode 5 recap & review. Keep reading, to know more.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

In the midst of his meditation, Larry has visions of Mr. 104 & a prospective place for Keeg. Upon Rita's recovery, he informs Vic & requests that the two of them embrace the unsteadily awakened woman.

Jane begins to indulge in self-gratification when she is suddenly sucked into the underworld. She inquires as to why she was brought there, but the other characters claim innocence.

While checking over the vintage automobile he & Laura came across during their search for Darren, Laura informs Cliff that he needs to work on a project in order to calm his own mind.

When Willoughby finally does make an appearance, he announces that everyone must convene because he has some extremely bad news to share. Rita opens her eyes & sees wrinkles & greying hair.

Once Laura & the others learn that Dr. Janus removed the fragment from inside Rita, they are not surprised. Rita discovers a case containing many tonics while searching Niles' office for a means to reverse the effects of ageing on her body.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review

In the midst of his trip through the woods, Larry experiences further visions of Mr. 104, after which he collapses to the ground. In one of Mr. 104's visions, he is being subjected to experiments by the same folks that tested Larry.

Laura claims she was unaffected since she was holding her breath at the time. Just want Keeg back, Larry tells Mr. 104 & Mr. 104 responds that he's been trying to get rid of Keeg but hasn't been successful.

Jane's high to the point of hallucinating a meeting with Kay. She apologises to Kay for mistreating her body, but Kay assures her that it's okay, since the body actually belongs to everyone.

Vic, remembering the fun times he had with his pals as a kid, disappears into the crowd. Jane & Willoughby reverse their ages even further in an effort to recover Cliff & get back on schedule, but Cliff isn't in good spirits & isn't interested in joining them.

After tracking down Rita, who is now also a tiny child, Laura tries to comfort her. She claims she, too, was afflicted by the curse but that she was able to mask its effects by using her abilities. Both try to comfort the other while working out their issues.

When asked why he's helping Immortus, Mr. 104 explains that his powers are malfunctioning & that there will come a time when he loses control & causes a cataclysmic calamity. Vic unexpectedly appears at the front door of a friend & seeing him there, he hugs him like a little boy. When Jane & Willoughby are outdoors, the other Templars & Bunbury come up to them.

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The curse can be broken, Bunbury says Willoughby, but only at great expense. After he restores Willoughby to normalcy, he orders Jane to come closer, but she flees. She doesn't make it very far before she transforms into a baby, & Bunbury comes up to her just as Willoughby orders him to hurry up.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Review

If the fifth episode of Doom Patrol Season 4 feels like a buildup to the season finale, that's because it is. The Big Bad isn't immediately revealed & Dorothy & Space Case haven't been reunited with the rest of the squad. However, it turns out that adolescence all of a sudden is a great way to let all of your feelings out.

The consequences of these antics are likely to considerably increase the stakes in next week's midseason finale. Dr. Janus's method of emotionally extracting Rita's share of the Longevity Talisman seems to have boosted our resident diva's propensity to turn everything into a personal attack, which is ironic given her status as a diva.

After saving her companions from her own awful D-movie space adventure, she falls unconscious for no apparent reason & wakes up worrying about wrinkles & grey hairs rather than whether or not her friends made it home safely. Because Niles's discovery of the box of E.U.D. potions seems too coincidental to be real, I think the Immortus gang intentionally left it where she would find it.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review

I have nothing to back this up, but I have to tell myself something. Also, I'm very curious to know how this spell or curse would manifest. Considering Jane wasn't around during Kay's formative years, how did it accommodate her wardrobe needs? Does Miranda always wear that?

Willoughby's claim that the spell/curse isn't particularly good is a clever method to plot-armor the semantics of the problem. It's never a good idea to go too deeply into the whys  & wherefores. My mom always said that a broken heart leaves a permanent mark on a person's soul. That, at least, is what I've come to believe.

Everything's the same except for me. I feel like there's a gaping hole in my life between me & the possibility of a genuine, fulfilling relationship. Perhaps that explains my peculiar personality. Perhaps the chasm has become me. Michelle Gomez, despite this, manages to deliver a passionate monologue about her loneliness with poetic elegance.

It can't be simple to give in to moments of personal enjoyment & … er, recreation for someone whose entire existence has been defined by a “protect the girl” duty. In order to heal the body, one must first learn to calm the mind. Everyone should have some quiet time to themselves once in a while.

Naturally, most of us don't have to worry about dozens of other individuals watching via the spyglass construct in the field & sharing our subconscious. Since Kay's decision to divorce from the system & disconnect, it seems as though the others are just in stasis, clueless & uninterested but not upset about it, whereas Dr. Harrison constantly kept tabs on Jane & the activities at the top.

Sure enough, Bunbury makes use of the predicament to bring even his most defiant Knight Templar into line. As I was thinking about this, I realised that Bunbury probably had the Knights Templar bring him to rescue Willoughby so that the team wouldn't be able to go to Miss April.

What are the chances that Vic, Rita, or Rouge will get there before they are transformed into babies? When he's older, what kind of a person will Cliff be? Of course, there's also Larry & Keeg, who are completely in the dark about what's happening with the rest of the group. Inversely, nobody on the squad knows what's happened to them.

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Keeg & Larry go off on their own adventure, but on the way, Keeg makes Larry a friend by essentially squatting in Mister 104's body & refusing to budge until he & Larry acknowledge their shared experiences & bond. The Bureau's use of operatives as guinea pigs for testing metahuman abilities bothers me.

And why was an agent pointing a gun at Brahma/Mister 104 even deemed a threat if he can convert his skin to lead? That is, unless Jane's share was taken out by Bunbury in the final act. It's safe to say that bunny has some sort of hidden motive.