Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Recap and Review, Spoilers!

The Doom Patrol TV show on HBO Max is full of fantastic and odd characters from the DC Comics book. In the fourth episode, titled “Casey Patrol,” the Doom Patrol members take a back seat while the focus shifts to the show's supporting cast. In this episode, Gerard Way's creation Casey Brinke makes his debut with returning favorites Dorothy, Danny the Street, and the Candlemaker. In this article, we will read about Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review. To know in detail, keep reading.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Danny the Street is now Danny the Ambulance & its passengers, who include Dorothy, are traveling the world in it. She seems to be having a tough time with it, what with her frequent feelings of isolation & lack of direction in life. Dorothy is happy staying in & reading Space Case comics, despite Maura Lee Karupt's advice that she get out & meet new people.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Recap and Review

Though she would rather remain in her comfort zone, she finds herself thrust into an exciting new reality when the events from Space Case begin to unfold before her very eyes. Space Case's bad guys & good guys both make appearances within Danny. Dorothy is thrilled at the prospect of finally meeting Casey Brinke, her comic book hero.

Even heroes need villains to battle, and the fearsome Torminax appears not long after the hero's introduction. To put things in perspective, Dorothy and Maura Lee inform Casey that she is a made-up character. Nothing changes the fact that a deadly criminal is on their tail because he wants Dorothy's necklace, which belonged to her late father, Niles Caulder.

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Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Review

Return to Danny

Since we last saw Dorothy and Danny, they appear to be doing fine. The community Danny has created is thriving, and Dorothy is busy telling tales of her travels with Candlemaker. But as we discover very early, appearances can be deceiving.

Maura is concerned about Danny's population explosion, but Danny appears unconcerned, focusing instead on Dorothy's issues. Maura, too, has noticed Dorothy's gloomy demeanor and is wondering what's up. However, before she can, alien robot bugs invade Danny and take over the bodies of the locals.

Dorothy does everything she can to aid them by bringing to life Space Case, aka Casey Brink, her favorite comic book character. Even while the idea behind this episode has potential, it doesn't deliver. However, there is a very straightforward explanation for that: none of the regular characters appear in this episode.

There are zero opportunities for Rita to be caustic or make an emotional connection with someone. In this episode, Maura is asked to undertake the work of the entire regular cast, and while she does a fantastic job in each of her roles, it doesn't work to have her do them all.

Because of the cast's natural chemistry and likability, this show has been a rating success year after year. For that reason, its absence for an entire episode leaves a gaping void that couldn't be replaced with anything else.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 4 Recap and Review

Father issues

Despite the fact that “Casey Patrol” is missing at least 6 major characters, the episode succeeds thematically thanks to the many parallels between Dorothy & Casey's complicated relationships with their fathers. Since she misses Niles so much, Dorothy has isolated herself from her imagined pals.

While this was happening, it appeared as though Casey had been brought to life before she was. So, while the foundation for these ideas is solid, they were mostly underdeveloped in the final product.

The episode as a whole just didn't have the same emotional impact as the rest of the show. The potential is there, but nothing interesting happens in this episode. The fourth episode of Doom Patrol season 4 is a bit of a slowdown, but things should pick back up once the core cast returns.

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How Many Episodes Will Doom Patrol Season 4 Have?

Season 4 of Doom Patrol was originally planned for 12 episodes, however, HBO has opted to split the season into 2 chunks of 6 episodes each. Next, in 2023, we'll see the release of the second part of Season 4 of Doom Patrol.

That being said, there are still another 7 episodes planned. It's to be expected that the plot will advance, with the heroes delving further & further into the superhero mythos, revealing new twists & turns.

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