Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained: What Exactly Does It All Mean?

Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained: Don't Worry Darling has now arrived on streaming platforms, but don't expect that to mean you'll be able to solve all of its mysteries. Olivia Wilde's new film is set in the ostensibly idealistic Victory neighborhood controlled by the mysterious Frank. Alice has a seemingly ideal life with her husband Jack, but she soon begins to suspect that something is wrong.

Don't Worry Darling takes great pleasure in leaving you guessing before building to a dramatic climax and a final beat that may still leave you wondering what happens next. We won't pretend to know everything, but let's investigate the film's oblique ending and see if we can shed some light on it. If you haven't seen Don't Worry, Darling! yet, you've been warned that there are huge spoilers coming.

Don’t Worry Darling Plot Synopsis

Alice has a sneaking suspicion that there's something off about her husband, Jack, and their Stepford Wives' lifestyle. Wives are not allowed to venture out into the desert that borders the settlement. They speculate in low voices about the mysterious booms that interrupt their peaceful afternoons and wonder what their spouses do all day.

The town's name, “Victory,” may hint that the men are developing a nuclear weapon in the vein of the Manhattan Project. When Alice's friend Margaret (KiKi Layne) loses track of her child and walks into the desert, where she claims to have seen something horrific, things quickly go downhill.

Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained

The business informs the community that the boy tragically perished in the desert, driving home the message that going off on one's own can be fatal. Margaret, however, claims the firm abducted her kid as retaliation for her revealing whatever mystery they were trying to conceal.

Then, in front of Alice, Margaret slits her throat, ostensibly committing suicide; nevertheless, a doctor later assures Alice that Margaret is doing OK. After this, Margaret disappears from our lives forever. A plane crashes in the desert not long after this, and Alice goes searching for it.

She instead comes across the men's working bunker. She walks up to the structure and touches it, triggering a kaleidoscope of surreal scenes, some of which feature dancers in black and white costumes reminiscent of the style popularized by Busby Berkeley.  After waking up in bed, she spends the rest of the film attempting to figure out what happened.

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She confronts her husband, her neighbor & confidante Bunny & Frank in a sequence of progressively frantic incidents. After a heated confrontation at a dinner party, Frank essentially reveals to Alice that he has been manipulating the citizens of Victory. Sadly, he leaves before Alice can finish her line of questions, leaving her to dispute with the spineless Jack.

Jack pretends to go away with Alice but instead arranges for her to be abducted by a gang of men. He then laments his misfortune as he watches her be taken away. The thugs use electroshock therapy to try to retrain her.

Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained

Alice, her dress stained with Jack's blood, follows Bunny's instructions and exits the house after he is killed. The rest of the neighbors are shocked and come around, but soon they start to notice something odd. It's as though the other women suddenly become aware of what's happening and who Victory is as Alice locks eyes with them.

Don’t Worry Darling Ending Explained

It appears as though she is complicit in his scheme. I don't understand why she decides to kill him now. The poorly developed persona of Gemma Chan is an insult to her intelligence. Alice drives away from the red jumpsuit guys, Collins, and several of the husbands in hot pursuit. After that, she leaves for the desert and the Victory headquarters.

She went there once before and after touching the door she found herself back in her own bed. Had she recently restarted her virtual self? Maybe the authors have no clue. This time, she manages to ascend the hill. Despite being pursued by a swarm of red jumpsuits like a knockoff of old self-replicating Agent Smith from The Matrix. He enters the building by the front entrance, killing Collins & several of the men along the way.

This time, though, she is able to escape & as the credits roll, we hear her take a deep breath, presumably upon regaining consciousness next to her deceased husband. Anyone who has seen even a handful of science fiction films would immediately recognize Don't Worry Darling's basic idea.

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It's not easy to fathom the causes of Alice's problems and her gradual realization of reality. Unlike in “The Stepford Wives” or “Get Out,” we aren't given a false sense of security. Before the truth is revealed. As a result, there is no stress.

Although the first hour or so is largely carried by Pugh & the film's design. The film's twist & message are overbearing & unconvincing even if you go along with it. True, Olivia Wilde; men do seek power over women.

That's a fact, and we're aware of it. Don't give us a script that falls apart at the seams. Instead, tell us something novel about it or present it in a novel way. Although Olivia's career is still one to keep an eye on. Despite all the fanfare, Don't Worry Darling fails to deliver.