Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Is It Actually Confirmed or Cancelled!

‘Domestic Girlfriend' is an anime film based on the Japanese manga of the same name, developed and illustrated by Kei Sasuga.

It is a rom-com drama film. The anime, which Diomedéa serialized, premiered on MBS, TBS, ATX, and ATB on January 12th, 2019, and aired 12 episodes over two months on MBS, TBS, ATX, and ATB before concluding on March 30th, 2019.

The anime gained much attention for describing how complicated bonding and relationships work among complex humans. So, will there be a second season of Domestic Girlfriend?

What Exactly Is This About?

Few things can smack someone in the face more than the pain from being in a one-sided relationship during adolescence.

An excellent example of this situation is Natsuo Fujii, who had been drawn to his open-minded, cool-as-ice AF teacher, Hina, for a long time.

Natsuo is compelled by this impossible urge to accompany his peers and participate in the mix. Then he meets Rui in that location, and the girl's boredom complex causes him to be at odds with himself.

After tying the wedding, Rui invites Natsuo into her home and inquires whether he would be interested in having sex with her.

Rui hopes that by doing so, she will no longer appear to be an ignorant child in front of her friends. Natsuo accepts with hesitation, even though his sad cogitations on Hina still run through his thoughts.

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So, with the first episode of Domestic Girlfriend having aired more than two years ago, it's time to start thinking about what to expect from Season 2.

Is Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Going to Be Renewed?

Regarding Domestic Girlfriend Season 2, we can just provide you with the following information. The first season of the anime was published from volume 1 to volume 8 of the manga by Kei Sasuga, while the second season is now under production.

The author has released around twenty-eight volumes under his name and imprint.

From the standpoint of content source material, there is a tonne of material remaining for the studio to look through, and they should be able to complete another season with relative ease if they so choose.

Furthermore, if Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 is released, it will develop Sasuga's work even further, increasing the sales of his manga and bringing us to our next essential point – the show's burgeoning popularity.

Since the publication of the first season, the manga has risen to the top of the manga market, having sold another million copies, bringing the total number of copies sold to approximately four million since the publication of the first season.

As a result of the show's astronomical rise in popularity, it's somewhat apparent why it would make complete sense to invest money in an even more aggressively thriving fanbase to produce Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

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However, in response to an inquiry from one of the fans regarding the release of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2, Kei Sasuga stated unequivocally that there are no plans to make another installment (Season) at this time.

Her statements appear to be a death sentence for any lingering optimism for Season 2.

As a result, if we take all of the previously mentioned facts into consideration, we can conclude the discussion by stating that, even though the sale of manga and the fanbase as a whole have increased over the past two years, ‘Domestic Girlfriend Season 2' is unlikely to return, at least for the time being.

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