DOM SEASON 2 Release Date

Do you love to watch Dramatically Portugal TV series? Then I think you are going to love and enjoy reading this article which will be based on one of the most lovable TV series ‘DOM', whose season 1 is recently released on 4th June 2021. And guess what, this Series is loved by everyone and has an overall ranking of 3.5 on a scale of 5 rankings in no time.

This Series is new to the market and has only 1 season to date.

Dom is a Portuguese Dramatic TV series directed by Breno Silveira, Vicente Kubrusly. This Series is based on a true story of a Brazilian Cop, Victor Dantas, and Pedro. The cop's son becomes a young teen highly addicted to the drug and one of Brazil's most wanted notorious drug traffickers.

More about Dom Season 1

Released on 4th June 2021, the DOM TV series is an Adult Dramatic Portugal series which is directed by Breno Silveira, Vicente Kubrusly, and the producers of the series are Breno Silveira, Renata Brandão, Ramona Bakker.

As per the report generated by, DOM is a real-life story in Rio de Janeiro. It's a story of a Father-son duo where they lived in such a place where illegal activities like the drug mafia and other crimes usually took place. The father was a policeman who vowed to finish off the roots of the drug mafia and other crimes. But, his son, unfortunately, fell into the trap of drugs instead of joining his father in the fight of finishing off the roots. Son Pedro, later on, became the most wanted drug lord, while his father Victor continuously makes attempts to get him back on track.

So would you like to know more about what exactly is there in the Series?

The Season contains 8 episodes; let's go through them all.

EP1: Kids Don't come with instructions

About: A young middle-class guy gives into drug addiction, his father, a policeman, goes to his saviour in the rookery. Victor is the young boy's father, whose only ambition in life is to have success over the war on drugs. Unfortunately, his son Pedro loses his fight against drugs.

EP2: Metamorphosis

About: Facing problems and unable to struggle against weakness, Pedro meets Jasmine and intersects a gang of magnificent house robbers. Victor seeks out an informer to make an effort to find his son's whereabouts.

EP3: Destiny with a Capital D

About: After an unsuccessful attempt to make it up with his father, and very sad about the faults of the previous robbery, Pedro concludes to give up, only to think of a plan to become even a big thief.

EP4: Whose Fault is it?

 Pedro gets angry at Lico's constant cheatings during their robberies. In 1995, at age 14, Pedro and Lico started doing cocaine drug. They carried out their first-ever burglaries to support their habit. In the 1970s, young Victor is pressured into taking coke for the first time. He questions himself about his actions as an agent and decides to give up on his mission.

EP5: Crashing

At the age of 15, Pedro undergoes a certain period of time on rehab treatments. Then, as an adult, upset with horrible defeat, he gets entirely dedicated to his drug habit. His friends worried about him a lot and informed Victor the same.

EP6: Partners

After being hurried to the hospital due to an OD, Pedro had another rehab shot, far away from Rio De Janeiro. Finally, he got released from the Juvenile Detention Center. However, his relation with his father became worse than before. In 1970, Victor strengthened his ties with the drug lord Roberto and learned everything related to it.

EP7: Trapped

Even after many rehab shots, Pedro got distracted again to drugs and crime, in short, got trapped. He became the most wanted criminal of the police. Victor joined the Civil police, and during the operation in the favela, he ran into an old connection.

EP8: Taking a break

After many failures and the death of a gang member, Pedro starts to do kidnapping, putting his family members at risk. Then they come up with a plan to help him out. But, after Victor finds out about his son's whereabouts, he swears for revenge.

Cast of Series:

  1. Tomasz Borkowy
  2. Bozena Dykiel
  3. Hanna Lachman
  4. Jolanta Zolkoska
  5. Marek Bukowski
  6. Anna Roantowska
  7. Tomasz Stokinger
  8. Igor Smialowski
  9. Robert Rogalski
  10. Ewa Serwa
  11. Magdelena Stuzynska
  12. Henryk Bista
  13. Zbigniew Kryński
  14. Włodzimierz Bednarski and many more

Series is written by Jerzy Janicki and Andrzej Mularczyk.

The Series is featured on Amazon prime video.

Note: It is suggested that only the people who are 18+ and above should only watch this Series as it's an adult series and may contain many vulgar scenes that are not right for people below 18.

DOM SEASON 2 Release Date

If you are concerned about DOM SEASON 2 Release Date, you will get disheartened to know that there is no official statement from the players of DOM. We can just speculate that as season 1 ended with leaving several questions in the viewer's mind, there will definitely be a second season.

But if you ask me when? Then I am sorry to say that as of now there is no news about it.


The DOM series is a good one as it gives a quite lovely message for the people that drug addiction is dangerous for the person as well as for others associated with that individual. So do watch the Series, learn many things from the Series, and share your learning here in the comment section.