Does ‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Potential Character Dies?

Prime Video streaming series ‘Yellowstone'  is one of the best television dramas that deal with the subjects of corruption, race, and the cowboys of the west. The show starts with conflicts on the ‘Yellowstone' ranch boundary. Viewers who aren’t aware of the politics of that region might find it challenging to get a grip on it in the beginning. The storylines are beautifully written by Writers ‘Taylor Sheridan' and ‘John Linson' not just depicting the beauty of the ranches but also their aridness of them, which is the complicated nature of the terrain and the people living in that region.

What is Yellowstone About?

The whole story revolves around ‘Dutton's family' in which John Dutton is the head of the family a rich, influential, and powerful ranch owner who is proud of his heritage. The chief of the Ranch is always in conflict with John’s Ranch regarding border issues. There is a long battle between John Dutton and Thomas Rainwater.

In family conflicts, Wes Bentley’s Jamie Dutton, a character who you’d never say portrays a sense of peace with him. Jamie seems to thrive off of chaos, or at least, he seems to have it so deeply intertwine into his being that he can’t escape it. Some of that chaos comes from his relationship with Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton.

Who is Wes Bentley's Character ‘Jamie Dutton' in the Series?

One of the best character ‘Jamie Dutton' is starred Wes Bentley an aspiring politician and John and Evelyn's adopted son. He was adopted after his biological father murdered his mother and went to prison. Although initially loyal to his father and family, he is frustrated by their apparent intolerance of his sister, Beth. In the third season, he becomes the attorney general for the state of Montana. He also has a son with his former assistant.

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During the interview, Bentley says that the death of John Dutton is something he’s thought about since the beginning of the series. Having already faced death, the patriarch of the family no longer on this side of Heaven would change things for everyone.

Yellowstone Trailer

As of now, 5 Season has aired on Prime Video and fans eagerly waiting for more episodes to come.You can have a look of this brilliant drama show in this 3 minutes trailer

Who are in the ‘Yellowstone' Series?

Kevin Costner  John Dutton III
Luke Grimes Kayce Dutton
Kelly Reilly  Bethany “Beth” Dutton
Wes Bentley  Jamie Dutton,
Cole Hauser  Rip Wheeler
Kelsey Asbille Monica Long Dutton
Jefferson White Jimmy Hurdstrom
Danny Huston Dan Jenkins
Gil Birmingham Chief Thomas Rainwater
Ian Bohen Ryan
Ryan Bingham Walker 
Wendy Moniz  Senator Lynelle Perry 
Jennifer Landon  Teeter 


‘Yellowstone’ Ending Explained: Does Jamie Dutton Stand Up To His Father And Fight Against Him?

The John children learn from their father’s colon cancer diagnosis, and all of them are concerned about his longevity. Despite all of this, Jamie decides to walk away from the family, but Beth decides to stay, knowing there will be times she and her father might not agree on plenty of issues regarding the Ranch. John’s cancer is initially treated, but it relapses.

John starts falling sick and vomits blood on a couple of occasions. He believes a lot of things need to be passed on to his children before he passes away. John isn’t ready to accept death before he hands over the responsibility of the Ranch to safe hands. John shares an ambivalent relationship with his kids, but the only person he trusts is Rip.

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Beth, on the other hand, finally decides to stay at the Ranch and be with her father to tackle the issues that will spring up if Jamie wins. On the other hand, Kayce is back on the Ranch; he lives with the cowboys to help them train their horses. Their first task involves confronting Dan Jenkins by kidnapping him. Danny reveals his and Thomas’ plan to increase the land’s value to instigate John Dutton to sell ‘Yellowstone’ out of desperation.

An angry Kayce orders Danny to be hanged, but they let him go with a warning with the hope that Danny and Thomas would consider changing their plan. John, Kayce, Beth and Rip are hoping their problems are shrugged off for a while, but knowing Jamie’s and Thomas’ demeanor, they won’t stop at anything as both of them want to see John ruined.

What's More About Yellowstone'?

This series has released a total of 5 seasons and all has gone well and got mixed reviews from critics. Sheridan initially pitched the series to HBO, but the network declined. But, now the audience can watch the entire series on Prime Video. This story of a cowboy so-called flamboyant.

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