Does Tess Die in The Last of Us? Why Was Tess’ Death Changed for the Show?

The Last of Us, adapted from the popular PlayStation game of the same name, is HBO's latest smash hit, and it has already smashed records. HBO claims that the launch of the series on January 15 was seen by 4.7 million viewers, or “almost double” the number of people who saw the premiere of Euphoria's second season.

Starring Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Storm Reid, the show are set in a dystopian world of the year 2100. Joel, one of the few people still alive, is recruited to protect Ellie, 14, from the infected by smuggling her to safety.

They gain friends and allies, including Tess, as they travel across the United States to rescue Ellie from the repressive quarantine zone. In this article, we will read about “Does Tess Die in the Last of Us”. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Does Tess Die in The Last of Us?

After being bitten by a Clicker in the museum, Tess tragically passes away. Knowing she has no chance of survival, she blows herself up along with the Capitol building full of infected people so that Joel and Ellie can escape.

After making it to the Capitol, they discover nothing but abandoned equipment and bloodied bodies. To Ellie, Joel explains, “One of them was a bit, the healthy ones fought the sick ones, and everyone lost.”

Does Tess Die in The Last of Us

While Joel seems resigned to taking this as a cue to head home, Tess scrambles to come up with a plan. During their fight in the museum, Tess was bitten in the neck by a Clicker off-screen & the infection is beginning to spread. She informs Joel, “Our luck had to run out sometime.”

She tells Joel that if he takes Ellie to see Bill and Frank, he should “rescue who you can save.” A nearby corpse begins to crawl forward from the ground, and Joel shoots him in the head.

However, one death breeds a horde, as the vibration of the gunshot is transmitted throughout the huge network of fungi, and hundreds more infected begin to dash toward them.

Tess is surrounded by gasoline and grenades, and she is preparing for a flaming death, but her lighter won't work, and an infected is giving her a horrible, icky kiss of death, with tendrils entering into her lips and down her throat as Joel grabs Ellie. Suddenly, it catches fire, and she dies in the resulting explosion.

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How Did Tess Die in the Last of Us Game?

Like in the second episode of the TV series, Tess reveals to Joel and Ellie in the game that she has been infected by the virus by showing them her bite. In the end, she meets her end at the hands of the Federal Emergency Management Response Authority (FEDRA) rather than facing the infected and detonating the bomb herself.

FEDRA tracks down Joel and Tess in the game because they think Ellie is sick and want to take her away. Tess mimics her TV character by staying behind to act as a diversion while Joel and Ellie make their getaway. One of the FEDRA personnel kills her off-screen after she has already slain most of them.

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Why Was Tess’ Death Changed for the Show?

Craig Mazin, co-creator of The Last of Us & host of HBO's official The Last of Us podcast, has stated that he & the other writers decided to alter Tess's death in the program since it didn't make sense for FEDRA to be at the capital building while Joel, Ellie, & Tess are there.

“If FEDRA weren't needed, why would they be in our country? The question remains, what are they doing? There is literally nothing for law enforcement to monitor. For me, it was confusing to have FEDRA so far away “And then there was what Mazin had to say.

Does Tess Die in The Last of Us

“We hoped to demonstrate that the aftermath of infection might lead to something other than simply violence or terror, namely a sick form of community. As the story came to a close, we could finally demonstrate their interconnectedness, “Onward, he went on to say.

The game's story's co-author, Neil Druckmann, told Entertainment Weekly that the infected “don't have to get violent unless you're fighting them from spreading farther.”

It's Just Joel and Ellie From Now on

The original The Last of Us cast of three has been reduced to two, and Joel promises that he will deliver Ellie to the care of newcomers Bill and Frank. The time spent in transit by Joel and Ellie has already exceeded their allotted time.

They are headed for a hospital on the opposite side of the country. Sports fans may have an idea of what's going to happen, but casual viewers won't. Tess's death has reduced The Last of Us to a tale of two survivors.