Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game? Exploring the Fate of One of the Show’s Most Complex Characters

Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game: Netflix's ‘Squid Game,' written and directed by Dong-hyuk Hwang, follows 456 competitors as they compete in a series of deadly games for a chance at 45.6 billion. The fact that they are all in debt is the one thing they have in common.

Cho Sang-woo (Hae-soo Park), often known as No. 218, is the protagonist's sidekick from childhood onward. When Sang-woo was younger, he was a stellar student and the talk of the block.

He put his clients' money in derivatives and futures options but kept the scheme a secret from his mother and the rest of the town.  They were all unsuccessful, and now the law is looking for him.

He's just as desperate as the other contestants, so he accepts to play the Squid Game. If you are wondering “Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game”,this is what you need to know.

Who is Sangwoo in Squid Game?

Before we get into Sangwoo's fate, let's first examine who he is and what part he plays in the show. Sangwoo, played by actor Park Hae-soo, is one of 456 people who take part in the fatal game that serves as the foundation for Squid Game. 

He is a young man who is struggling with financial issues and traumatic history, and he sees the game as an opportunity to change his life. Sangwoo grows increasingly unstable as the show develops, and his acts become increasingly unexpected. 

Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game

He develops relationships with other players, but he also has an evil side that becomes apparent as the game progresses.

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Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game?

In the end, Sang-woo does not make it out of “Squid Game” alive; Gi-hun simply refuses to let him die and begs for a vote to keep them both alive. But, Sang-woo eventually takes a knife to his throat and commits suicide in Gi-hun's arms. 

Sang-woo, early on, decides to stay in the game despite seeing firsthand how dangerous it can be. The “Leave” choice, however, wins out in the end, and the players are fired. On the outside, things are just as dire as he had feared. 

There is still an active manhunt by the police. And since he borrowed money using his mother's assets as security, he can't declare bankruptcy on them. In the same boat as the rest of the contestants, Sang-woo is forced to rejoin the competition. 

Sang-woo not only becomes close to Gi-hun but also to Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripathi), a Pakistani immigrant to South Korea in search of work. During the Sugar Honeycombs round, Sang-woo deduces the challenge by noting that they have been transported to a location reminiscent of the parks they frequented as kids. 

He displays his ruthlessness, though, by keeping this knowledge from Gi-hun. Sang-woo, Ali, Gi-hun, Oh Il-nam, and Kang Sae-byeok all makeup Sang-woo's side for the Tug-of-War round. He's the brains behind the team's brilliant strategy that seals the deal for victory. 

He chooses Ali to be his partner in the Marble round because he thinks they'll have to cooperate to succeed. Sang-woo betrays Ali when he learns they must compete against each other.

Does Sangwoo Die in Squid Game

He sees that Ali is doing well and tries to persuade him that they can both make it through the round. When Ali leaves to carry out his orders, he presents the administrator with the marbles and declares himself the winner.

Even Gi-hun loses faith in himself throughout the Glass Stepping Stones round. When Sang-woo murders Sae-byeok, this effect is compounded. Despite this, in the end, Gi-hun just can't bring himself to kill Sang-woo.

He has known Sang-woo since they were both little, and he regularly interacts with Sang-woo's mum. Sang-woo, however, has realized that nothing will change for him or Gi-hun if he agrees to vote and then quits the game.

Sang-woo gives up his life savings for Gi-hun. The dying man pleads with an old buddy to look after his mother. And Gi-hun does end up doing it. He gives Sang-woo's mum fifty percent of his profits, saying it's money he owes her son.

To help Sae-byeok cope with her loss, Gi-hun also leaves her brother Cheol with her.

What Does Sangwoo's Death Mean for the Show?

Sangwoo's death has far-reaching consequences for the plot and characters of Squid Game. Sangwoo was one of the show's most complex and dynamic characters, and his departure would be felt in subsequent seasons.

His demise, however, opens the ground for fresh narratives and character growth. With Sangwoo gone, other characters in the game will have to step up and take on new responsibilities. 

Sangwoo's death is only one example of the show's willingness to take risks and shake up its storyline, as the show's makers have hinted that future seasons may explore new themes and characters.

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