What Happened to Eren in Attack on Titan? Does He Die?

One of the main characters in Hajime Isayama's manga Attack on Titan is a boy named Eren Yeager. Eren is a teenager who has sworn to get back at the huge Titans who ate his mother. To get rid of them, he joins the Army and joins the Exploration Battalion, a group of soldiers who fight against the Titans outside the walls.

As the story goes on, Eren finds out that he can change into Titan, also known as “the Attack Titan.” Then, it becomes a very important way for people to get rid of their enemies. This article will tell you if Eren dies or not in Attack on Titan.

Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan?

As we said in the beginning, Eren Yeager is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. Most people saw him as the ultimate hero of the franchise, the person who would end Isayama's dystopian world's tyranny.

Even though his path was mostly heroic, it took a tragic turn at the end. This hasn't been shown in the anime, so we have to warn people who haven't read the manga that there are a lot of spoilers ahead.

Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan

If you don't want to know how Eren died, don't read what comes next. In this section, we'll just confirm that Eren Yeager does die in Attack on Titan and that it happens in the last arc of both the manga and the anime. In the sections that come after this one, we will learn more about how he died.

In the Manga, How Does Eren Die?

Eren initiated the Rumbling and embarked on a rampage to wipe out all other life forces beyond the shores of Paradis Island in order to free the Eldians, save everyone he cares about, and establish a world free of Titans.

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Eldians and Marley's soldiers joined forces to stop him as a threat to humanity. Mikasa swooped in to complete the kill by severing Eren's head after he transformed into the founding titan and fought against the allied soldiers.

She buried him beneath the same tree he used to nap on as a child, after cradling his lifeless head and saying her final goodbyes. Following his death, many fans speculated that Eren was still alive, but as a bird, based on references in the manga's final chapter.

Mikasa is seen sitting near Eren's grave, vocally wishing she could see him again in one of the references. As she finishes her sentence, the scarf Eren gave her unravels, and a bird flies up and ties it back. She smiled and thanked the bird, mentioning Eren's name.

Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan

A similar bird is seen flying past Armin and the other passengers on their way to Paradis in another reference. It's also logical to conclude that Eren has an affinity for birds, given that he frequently compared being inside the walls to living in a birdcage.

This bird reference is a clear metaphor for Eren's deepest desire: freedom. Eren will always have a special place in the hearts of his friends and fans, whether he reincarnated as a bird or not.

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In What Episode Does Eren Die?

At the end of the Attack on Titan manga, Eren dies. Since the anime isn't over yet, his death hasn't been shown yet, but we're sure it will happen near the end of the last season. We just don't know which episode it will happen in.