Does Bob Die in Stranger Things? How Did He Die?

On a show like Stranger Things on Netflix, death and scary things are just part of the show. This is a story about a group of young kids who find out that their small town is basically built on the entrance to Hell. So, yeah, you can expect some deaths. But even after we got over Barb's death, the death of Bob Newby, also known as Bob the Brain, was the one that really hurt us.

The small-town hero, played by living legend Sean Astin, showed up in season two of the sci-fi show and left at the end of the season. But he sure left his mark. A new character in Season 2 of Stranger Things, Bob Newby, had a much bloodier death at first. Here’s what we know.

In Stranger Things, When Does Bob Die?

Stranger Things' behind-the-scenes moments are discussed in the companion show Beyond Stranger Things. Stranger Things creators Ross and Matt Duffer, as well as executive producer Shawn Levy, are among the guests in Jim Rash's 15-30 minute episodes.

The gang investigates Bob Newby's death in the seventh episode of Beyond Stranger Things. There's also some backstory on how this came to be. In the episode, a pre-recorded video of Astin discussing a specific request for his character was used because he couldn't appear in person.

Bob is attacked by Demodogs, who swarm him to death. They start eating him while he is still awake. Joyce screams in terror as he turns his head and coughs up some blood. However, there was a lot more blood splattered around when the sequence was first filmed.

Does Bob Die in Stranger Things

A crew member squirts a large amount of fake blood into Astin's mouth in a Beyond Stranger Things clip. He starts spitting blood out of his mouth shortly after. There was a lot of gore at the time, but it was kept under control.

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Who is Bob Newby in Season 2 of “Stranger Things”?

Sean Astin, who was in The Goonies, plays Bob Newby. After everything Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and her family have been through with the Upside Down in Stranger Things Season 2, he gives her a stable relationship. He doesn't know everything that happened with the Demogorgon the year before, but he's still willing to stay with the Byers family.

When we first meet Bob, the last thing anyone would say about him is that he is a hero. He works at Radio Shack. He doesn't like scary movies, and a quiet night at home with Joyce is his favorite way to spend time. Bob has a stronger connection with Will (Noah Schnapp) than with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton).

Does Bob Die in Stranger Things

Most of that, though, could probably be explained by how old the boys are. Will feels like he can talk to Bob. Even though he might have accidentally let the Mind Flayer take over Will, it was not on purpose. Bob is a person who is liked by most people.


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