Does Beth Die in Yellowstone? The Fate of Beth Dutton Finally Revealed!

In Yellowstone's fifth season on Paramount Network, John Dutton runs for governor of Montana to safeguard his Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from Market Equity. Beth Dutton is there to advise her father, John, as he uses his power as governor to pass regulations against the multi-billion firm that wants to create a new metropolis in the wilderness of Montana.

Since the Dutton patriarch sees Beth as his general in the war he waged against Market Equities, John promotes her to the position of Chief of Staff. After Beth deals a major blow to the company in the third episode of the season, viewers are left wondering what will come of the Dutton girls' struggles. In this article, we will read about “Does Beth Die in Yellowstone?” Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Who plays Beth in Yellowstone?

Kelly Reilly, an English actress, portrays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone. That may come as a surprise, but Kelly grew up in the English town of Chessington, in the county of Surrey. Her Yellowstone American accent is not her natural one. 

Does Beth Die in Yellowstone

Before she became a household name in Hollywood, she established herself in the British film and television industry. Kelly's genuine personality shines through in her press conferences and interviews. 

Does Beth Die in Yellowstone?

Beth Dutton has been through a lot for the sake of her father, John Dutton, and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Almost losing her life in the season three finale bombing that Garrett Randall planned.

She manages to stay alive despite everything, and she never stops fighting for her father in the battle against Market Equities. Beth's adversaries come out in the open in the fifth season. The war is deadly and the stakes are great. 

The fact that she makes it through a brush with death once is no assurance that she will do so again. However, Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the show, has assured viewers that withdrawal is the furthest thing from her character's mind.

Everything is building to a head this season. The conflict is all around us. “Beth is more of a wild animal this season than ever before,” Reilly said to EW. Beth's “cause to be” is “the promise she made to her father about fighting everyone to safeguard the country,” the actress explained. 

After hearing what Reilly said, it's clear that Beth won't back down from a fight to defend her family's property. The possibility of death is always present in a war. Fans' concerns over Beth's potential demise are understandable.

In the fifth season's third episode, Beth sells her majority stake in Schwartz & Meyer to Rob of BI, a competitor of Market Equities, in exchange for about 28,000 acres near Yellowstone. 

Beth is aware that without the land she recently acquired, Market Equities will be unable to construct an airport, a crucial component of the Paradise Valley Project. Caroline Warner's employment is in jeopardy as she applies for a conservation easement on the same piece of property that Market Equities needs to build its airport.

With her job on the line, Caroline turns to Ellis Steele for help in getting rid of the Duttons. Market Equities can't harm or assassinate John Dutton without raising suspicion because he's a Governor.

John's position as Governor may cause Market Equities to shift their focus to Beth as she defends the family ranch on her father's behalf. As a result, it would appear that Beth's life is in danger. 

Does Beth Die in Yellowstone

Beth preserving Yellowstone at the risk of her own life had been a possibility even Reilly had confirmed. Reilly told Vulture, “I quote Beth's lines all the time because I love them: ‘His dream is the Alamo that I will die defending.'”

Beth may die defending John and his land. There is no immediate danger to Beth's life at this time. Sarah Atwood, though, is expected to take action against her in subsequent episodes.

The fact that Beth was arrested in the third episode of the fifth season suggests that she will face multiple obstacles in her quest to protect her family's land from potential development.

Because of Jamie Dutton's animosity for Beth, the meeting between Sarah and him could have dire implications that put Beth's life in danger. Sarah's attempt to kill Beth through manipulation and the use of Jamie will not come as a shock and will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Duttons.

At this time, we believe that Beth is in imminent danger. Time will tell if she can stay alive despite the dangers. It's no exaggeration to say that if anyone besides John has the strength to weather the storm that is Market Equities, it's Beth.

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