Do You Want to Know About BEASTARS: Season 2?

If you have watched BEASTARS, I can bet you are waiting for BEASTARS: Season 2. If that’s true, then you have to read this article to know all about the BEASTARS as well as its part 2. So do you want to wait, or do you want to directly move on with the article?

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The Beastars anime is set in a universe where anthropomorphic animals are contemporary, cultured, and there is a cultural split between predators and herbivores. Beastar, an in-universe rank of tremendous talent, service, and reputation, is the inspiration for the series.

About BEASTARS: Season 1

Beastars will have an anime television series adaption animated by CG studio Orange, according to the 10th edition of Weekly Shonen Champion for 2019. The series was directed by Shin'ichi Matsumi, with Nanami Higuchi in charge of the series' writing, Nao Ootsu designing the characters, and Satoru Ksaki composing the soundtrack.

The series aired on Fuji TV's +Ultra anime programming block and other stations from October 10 to December 26, 2019. The first season has a total of 12 episodes and will be released on Netflix outside of Japan on March 13, 2020.

A second season was announced at the end of the TV broadcast. The second season, which aired from January 7 to March 25, 2021, was produced by the animation company Orange.

The Japanese premiere was originally set for August 2020; however, it had to be postponed due to problems related to the coronavirus epidemic.

Season 2 of the anime, based on the Beastars manga series, will air on the Fuji TV Network in Japan in January 2021.

Netflix France published a bogus post on Twitter in late 2020, stating that season 2 will be available on the streaming site on January 21st. This caused considerable uncertainty. They would subsequently apologise and admit that the date was incorrect.

The streaming platform announced on its YouTube page in mid-June that the second season of Beastars would premiere on July 15th.

What is BEASTARS: Season 2 All About?

The wolf Legoshi, the protagonist of Season 2 of Beastars, is struggling to keep his carnivorous nature at Cherryton Academy under control. He's concerned that another mauling may occur, similar to when the alpaca, Tem, was murdered in Season 1. Legoshi, on the other hand, is not emotionally stable as he tries to find out how to convince Haru, the white rabbit, to love him.

Legoshi is attacked by Tem's killer for poking about the murder mystery too much, just as he starts to have a grasp on things. It leads to him training with the black market panda, Gouhin, to find the killer, ending in a violent yet emotionally freeing second-season climax.

BEASTARS: Season 2

Tem's fellow drama club member, Riz, turned discovered to have eaten him in a startling twist. Riz stopped taking bear-suppressing medications and consumed Tem, but Legoshi figured it out based on his scent. Unfortunately, Pina, the white sheep, hears their disagreements, and Riz kidnaps him to force Legoshi into a battle in the Beastars finale.

The two had previously brawled but were separated by the school restroom, so this time, under the railroad bridge is regarded as the ideal location for them to let loose and be their real predator selves. Unfortunately, the brawl does not go as planned, and Legoshi is viciously injured by the bear. The government expected Riz's species to evolve into alphas and maybe monsters, which is why the medicines were required.

Wrapping Up

That was a lot of information for you to handle, right? But now, if you haven’t watched the second series, then trust me, you should watch it now. As it is on Netflix, there is no hassle of where to watch it.