Do you Know How Control Z Season 2 end?

Have you ever enjoyed any Mexican series? If you haven’t, we will introduce you to one of the best Mexican television series in this article. After watching the series, I am sure that you will create a soft corner towards the Mexican series and dramas. In this article, we will have a look at a Mexican teen drama television show named “Control Z ”, especially Control Z Season 2.

The series was created by Carlos Quanternilla and was produced by Lemon studios for Netflix Televisions. 

The series got released on 20 May 2020 and still airs in one of the world's best streaming companies “ Netflix”. The show has reached the second season of the series and was released on 4 August 2021.

So, let’s have a brief overview of the series:

What was the series all about?

The series is about an assembly at Colegio Nacional ( A National school ); a hacker exposed a huge secret of students of the school. Which caused panic and humility in a closeted transgender student. The hacker continued to reveal the secrets of the students, which forced the students to change their school out of fear. But Sofia Herrera, an introverted teenager, tries to find who this hacker is before being humiliated.

control Z season 2


All About the Plot of Control Z Season 2

Season 2 picks up the situation after Javi being accidentally shot. Still, it quickly fast-forwards a couple of months and presents a new predicament: An unknown assailant is torturing the children, who increase the stakes right away by tying Alex up in an empty classroom and burying Dario and Ernesto alive. 

The suspense suddenly turned towards Raul, the hated hacker from the first season who is only in school because he was blackmailing the principal, Quintanilla, with the evidence that he has an affair with a teacher. 


Who was the Avenger?

Yes, in the second season, the suspense was solved that who was the unseen avenger. If you want to really know who the avenger was, then here is the spoiler for you. 

It was Alex, who was a friend of Luis and admired his art and had found his inspiration in it. Alex, the tech-savvy student, was the mastermind behind it all.

Alex held herself responsible for everything that had occurred with Luis. Luis had been persuaded by her to show Gerry the drawing he'd made of him. Gerry enjoyed it at first, but eventually, he turned on Luis and allowed other pupils to mock him. All of this culminated in the battle that occurred at the school in the first season.

Alex, on the other hand, never wanted to injure anyone but Luis. She wanted everyone to feel as bad as she did, which is why, in addition to putting individuals at risk, she always left clues and made sure they were found in a timely manner.

There are a lot of situations that can be drawn parallel in the first season and the second one, particularly that there are many events that are motivated by the same desperate sense of one wanting something they can’t, or perhaps shouldn’t have.

Will there be a Season 3?

The question fully depends on the number of viewers, of course, but there is a lot of suspense and stories to be continued. Susana is probably dead, Pablo has stolen Raul’s money, and all the students know that he has it. He knows that they could all be implicated in Susana’s death or at least in the injury. There are a lot of loose ends there, including whether Pablo will pay the money to Natalia's kidnappers.

As a result, events will most likely begin with their principal's death and the pupils' reactions to the tragedy.

Who are the Cast of Control Z Season 2

In this season, we were introduced with some cast like Ana Valeria Vaseril as Sofia, Michael Ronda as Javier, Yankel Stevan as Raul, Zion Moreno as Isabella,Fiona Paloma as María Alexander, Andrés Baida as Pablo García, Patricio Gallardo as Gerardo “Gerry” Granda, Luis Curiel as Luis, Samantha Acuña as Alex and many more Mexican artists, who with their actions gave the show a good finishing.

Wrapping UP

The show Contol Z is one of the best production of Mexican Television shows and also has attracted many viewers with its interesting storyline. The article was a brief outlook of the show, and we hope you liked it. If you want to enjoy something new or want to have a new taste, I would recommend you to watch the show once, which is streaming on Netflix.

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