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‘Do Revenge’ Release Date | Cast | Plot | All You Need To Know!

Do Revenge Netflix

You are at the right place, and Here you will find information about Do Revenge Netflix, plot, cast, and Trailer.

A Bit About Do Revenge

The upcoming American black comedy film Do Revenge is directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson and co-written by Celeste Ballard.

Austin Abrams, Maya Hawke, Rish Shah, Sophie Turner, and Camila Mendes are among its cast members. Strangers on a Train by Alfred Hitchcock served as inspiration for the story.

Do Revenge Quick Facts

Initial release: September 16, 2022
Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Distributed by: Netflix
Executive producer: Joshua Bachove
Music composed by: Este Haim, Amanda Yamate
Producers: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron

What's The Plot Of Netflix's “Do Revenge”?

Do Revenge examines a romance between Drea and Eleanor as they “team up to go after each other's tormentors,” according to the synopsis. It's a “Hitchcockian dark comedy” with “the scariest protagonists of all: teenage girls,” according to the description.

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