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A Bit About Do Revenge

Popular Drea seeks vengeance against her lover for releasing her sex tape, while rumors plague exchange student Eleanor. The two adolescents band together to take action against their bullies.

Quick Facts About Do Revenge

Initial release: September 16, 2022
Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Screenplay: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Celeste Ballard
Producers: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Peter Cron, Anthony Bregman
Executive producer: Joshua Bachove
Production company: Likely Story

Potential Release Date for the Do Revenge Sequel

It took two years for Do Revenge to hit theaters after initial intentions for the project finally were revealed in 2020.

heartland season 16 netflix

Therefore, the wait for the sequel might be between 18 and 24 months. Given that some of the original cast members will reprise their roles, it's likely to be shorter because the production process will take less time.

Who Might Appear in the Revenge Sequel?

Numerous celebrities could make a second appearance in the movie. Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, Sarah Michelle Geller, and others are probably returning for the sequel.

heartland season 16 netflix

Additionally, there will probably be a few other additions. Who do you hope to see in the follow-up? Could Cruel Intentions have a sequel?

What is Do Revenge Sequel Plot?

There will undoubtedly be aspects of revenge in the sequel since the film's title is “Do Revenge.”

  • Will we see the characters in a location other than a high school as they grow older?
  • Perhaps the workplace or a college? It will feature the bullied taking down those who have wronged them; that is certain.

About What is, Do Revenge?

They unintentionally cross paths at a tennis camp that both Drea (Mendez) and Eleanor (Hawke) attend for various reasons.

  • Max (Abrams), Drea's wealthy Casanova boyfriend, publicly humiliated her, severely damaging her and threatening to ruin her promising career.
  • Eleanor makes friends so that she would have a familiar face when she starts school at Rosehill, Drea's.
  • They fiercely discuss how they must get even with Max and Carissa, the young women who exposed Eleanor and charged her with spreading defamatory rumors about them.
  • Drea proposes a ridiculous scheme for them to achieve their goals. While Drea targets Carissa, Eleanor goes after Max.
  • They might evade suspicion in this manner and enjoy the satisfaction of killing their adversary.

Eleanor concurs; thus, the plan is in motion. Everything goes according to plan until the Shyamalan twist in the third act genuinely surprises you.

Will Do Revenge 2 Be Released?

Nobody from the cast, including the director Jennifer Robinson, has mentioned a possible sequel.

  • Netflix doesn't currently have any firm plans to implement one. Given the kind of budget the movie was made on, it is highly likely that we will see another film, and possibly even more if Netflix thinks the audience response is vital.
  • They operate on a four-week cycle, sometimes even earlier if the content is popular or goes viral.
  • Squid Games has experienced this before. Depending on the opinions, a sequel might be ordered sooner or later.
  • And occasionally, the renewal can even require extra time. There was almost a decade between the two Zombieland movies' premieres.

Beyond the response, there are many other variables at work here, like timetables, talent availability, and Netflix's whim. There won't be another Daredevil, in our opinion. There will be plenty of alternatives for the sequel's plot.

What May the Plot of Do Revenge 2 Be?

As we previously stated, there are several possibilities for a sequel, which may continue where the first one left off.

  • Mendez and Hawke exuded a strong Bonnie and Clyde feel when they were together.
  • They are performers who are naturally gifted with excellent comic timing and seriousness. It is a bit of a stretch, but they make a perfect duo.
  • They work well together because they can give their acting weight. Maybe it would be possible to put the two in a college environment where they would have to deal with adults and a completely different set of issues.
  • Although there are countless options, it all relies on what the writers decide to accomplish.

Keep your expectations up despite the extremely tiny likelihood, and never undervalue the influence of the young in getting what they want from these two teen idols!

When Might Do Revenge 2 Be Out?

If a sequel is approved, it might be released as soon as next year, but because there doesn't appear to be a pre-production phase, we might have to wait until the middle of 2024. Optimists may even want to mark their calendars for a release at the end of 2023.

However, if we learn there will be a sequel, we will update this page.