Distant Movie Release Date: Characters and Trailer, Latest Update 2022!

The release date for Will Speck and Josh Gordon's next movie, Distant, has finally been announced. The science fiction comedy Distant will be shown in theatres. This was shot in Budapest, Hungary, around the end of the year 2020, when the pandemic was at its worst.

DreamWorks Pictures, Six Foot Turkey Productions, and Automatik Entertainment all worked together on it. Due to low Covid numbers, strict planning, and government support, Hungary's studios were among the first to take on foreign film projects in the summer of 2020.

Blades of Glory and Office Christmas Party are two of Speck and Gordon's most well-known movies. Flaked on Netflix and Hit-Monkey on Hulu are also well-known. They are also working on a remake of Lyle, Lyle, and Crocodile, which is coming out soon.

The GEICO Cavemen sitcom, which aired just under half of its 13 episodes before being cancelled, may have been their biggest hit in 2007.

Distant Movie Release Date

This year, the American fantasy drama movie “Distant” will come out. In Distant, the journey of a scientist who crashed his spaceship, set foot on a strange world, and fought for his life in a place where there wasn't enough oxygen is told.

How Much Do We Know About the Movie's Plot?

The comedy in the movie should work well with this premise since the miner will run into all kinds of strange problems while trying to save the woman.


In Speck and Gordon's Blades of Glory, the main theme was that enemies had to put aside their differences and work together, which was a good idea. From the summary, it sounds like they both want the same thing.

Who Are the Main Actors in the Science Fiction Movie?

The science fiction cast of Distant is great, but we don't know who all is in it yet. The people in charge of the movie decided to keep this a secret until the movie came out. Anthony Ramos will play Andy Ramirez, an astronaut who landed on an alien planet by accident.

Naomi Scott plays Naomi Calloway, Andy Ramirez's friend and coworker, and another person who came to this planet from outer space after the disaster. Kristofer Hivju would be very important as Dwayne. Andy's AI survival suit will have a voice that will be done off-screen by Zachary Quinto.

When Will the Movie Distant Come Out?

According to Wikipedia, Universal Pictures will release Distant in theatres on January 27, 2023. That's the third date that's been given for when the movie Distant will come out. The movie Distant was supposed to come out on March 11, 2022.

Distant Movie Release Date

In the end, it was moved to September 16, 2022, probably to avoid a conflict with the March release of Disney and Pixar's Turning Red on the same day.

The film had a lot of competition in September, including Sony's The Woman King with Viola Davis and Lionsgate's Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret. Because of this, it was moved back to its final release date in January 2023.


There isn't a trailer for the movie yet, which is too bad. So, let's wait for it to start as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Was Distant Filmed?

Budapest, Hungary

Anthony Ramos, Naomi Scott, and Zachary Quinto are among the actors in it. The movie was made by DreamWorks Pictures, Automatik Entertainment, and Six Foot Turkey Productions as a joint project. It was shot in Budapest, Hungary, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Wrote the Screenplay for the Film Distant?

Spenser Cohen wrote the script for the movie Distant.

What Are the Movie’s Main Genres?

Drama, romance, and science fiction are the main types of movies that make up this one.


You should see the movie called “Distant.” The movie talks about space, artificial intelligence, fantasy, and how to stay alive. It will have an amazing plot and a great cast of famous people.

The movie has a lot of tension, and the audience is drawn to this made-up story. They will love the movie because of how well it is put together.

Distant may also be worth watching because it can help people see space and the things that happen in it in a whole new way. Enjoy the movie in a theatre for something close to quality time.