Disney Princess Names: List of All The Princesses

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The Disney Princesses are a fixture in children's life (and some adults, too!). They have given us so many lovely memories, but do you recall all of the Disney Princess names?

This blog post will go over all of the names of the Disney Princesses with pictures and descriptions. From Snow White to Jasmine, this blog post has it all! Check out these lovely princesses, as they come from diverse backgrounds and civilizations. All girls should know about them! Do you have a favorite princess from Disney?

Did you know the Shanghai Disneyland castle, the Enchanted Storybook Castle seen at the top of this piece, is the only castle dedicated to all the Disney princesses?

Whereas Disney World's castle was designed for Cinderella and Disneyland in Anaheim's castle was built to commemorate Sleeping Beauty, the Shanghai park celebrates the full roster of Disney princesses. Just constructed in 2016, this castle is also the largest.

All Disney Princesses are some of the most iconic characters in the movie industry. They're all distinct, and they're all-powerful in their way, but who are the Disney princesses? Let's discover all the princesses' names and photographs, descriptions, and the movies that made them Disney Princess.

Snow White

The original Disney Princess is Snow White. Her warmth, tenderness, and optimism have made her a beloved figure in the community. When she sings “I'm Wishing” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can see her deep affection for the outdoors.

Because her stepmother, the Evil Queen, believes Snow White is the fairest in the country, she plans to have her slain. Instead of harming her, he tells her never to return to the castle, although he knows she will return.

Disney Princesses

Until she is poisoned by her stepmother disguised as an old lady, Snow White continues to live with the seven dwarfs.

When the Dwarves bury her in a glass-enclosed coffin, they fail to notice that she is still alive. When a prince learns about the stunning young lady, he makes a beeline for her. She wakes up when he kisses her with a deep desire for him in her heart.


Cinderella is officially Disney's second princess.

Lady Tremaine was the second wife of her father after her mother died. Anastasia and Drizella, the two daughters of Lady Tremaine, were cruel to Cinderella. She's a lovely, hopeful, and compassionate princess who works hard.

Cinderella still has time to fantasize about a better life, despite having to do all the household chores. Among her many animal companions who assist her while she is at work are the mice Jaq and Gus.

Disney Princesses

When Cinderella's stepmother bans her from attending a ball, her fairy godmother visits and gives her a request. Cinderella also arrives at the ball in a carriage, resplendent in a stunning white gown and matching long satin gloves.

Even so, her fairy godmother advises her to get out of there before the clock strikes 12.

Cinderella had captured the prince's attention with her radiance. Cinderella rushes out of the palace at the stroke of twelve, but she leaves her glass slipper behind.

The prince has entrusted a tiny army with the mission of locating the young lady who has captured his heart. For Cinderella, he slips the shoes on her foot, and they fit perfectly.


Their marriage was blessed, and they lived happily ever after. ‘Cinderella' is generally the first name that springs to mind when people think about Disney princess names.


Sleeping Beauty's Aurora is Disney's third recognized princess. Shy, docile, and kind are all words that define her well.

Until her christening, when she is cursed by an evil fairy named Maleficent, who was upset that she was not invited to the celebration, Aurora lives with her parents, King Stefan and Queen Leah.

While in the cottage with the three good fairies (Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather), Aurora is protected from Maleficent's curse by their vigilance. She lives a basic but contented life and develops close friendships with the local fauna.

Disney Princesses

When she learns the truth about her ancestry, young Aurora defies her guardians and sets out for her parents' castle before she turns sixteen. Due to the presence of the spinning wheel, she falls asleep after accidentally pricking her finger.

A kiss from Prince Philip, who had previously met Aurora when she lived in the cottage, awakens the sleeping princess. The kiss of true love may overcome any obstacle.


It took Walt Disney 30 years to develop another fairy tale adaptation after Sleeping Beauty failed to be a hit like his previous two.

The Little Mermaid, an adaption of Hans Christian Anderson's classic of the same name, was a great hit (pun intended) for him this time.

Ariel is Triton's daughter and a mermaid. As a child, she was attracted by the human world, and she has since collected various items left behind by people.

Flounder and Sebastian, two of her favorite sea creatures, accompany her as she watches Prince Eric's birthday party on his royal yacht.

Disney Princesses

The boat was tossed around by the storm, and Prince Eric was thrown into the ocean. With her magical voice, Ariel guides him to shore and sings to him while she does so.

Ariel is nowhere to be seen when the prince awakens, but he remembers her voice and makes a vow to track her down.


Because she was surrounded by books, Belle, the inventor's daughter in Beauty and the Beast, has developed a vast vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind.

Regarding women's liberation, Belle has a lot more clout than most of her contemporaries, and she stands up to Gaston, who believes he can have any woman he wants. Nevertheless, Belle resolutely rejects him, enraging him even more.

Disney Princesses

The Beast kidnaps her father, Maurice, and she swaps her freedom for his and manages to hold her own against the Beast in the process.

Her condition as a prisoner, unable to see her father or dreams again, is initially brought crashing down in sobs by the Beast. On the other hand, Belle never gives up hope and instead develops into a loyal friend who wins the Beast's heart.

“Disney princess falls in love with the prince at first sight” does not apply to Beauty and the Beast.


Princess Jasmine is the only princess in this Disney picture, Aladdin, who is not based on a fairy story. One Thousand and One Nights is the source of the narrative of Aladdin.

As an independent Arab woman, Jasmine desires a better life than the one she is now experiencing under her father's authority. Jasmine's father, Sultan of Agrabah, desires nothing but the best for his daughter and the people of Agrabah.

She doesn't necessarily want to get married, but Jasmine is looking for a bit of excitement and adventure in her life.

She is enraged when she meets Aladdin, a street mouse with questionable motives who makes false promises to win the princess' heart in order to acquire what he wants.


When Pocahontas meets John Smith, a white guy, she falls head over heels in love with her.

With a moniker that means “Little Mischief,” Pocahontas was no exception. She frequently fought with the villagers' boys.

Pocahontas rushes out to see an English ship sail into the bay one day. As soon as he on aboard, Captain John Smith is smitten by this stunning Indian woman.

Disney Princesses

When Pocahontas and the other Indians have been invited to join the ship, she is warned not to leave.'

Pocahontas ignores her father's caution and sets out with Nakoma on a peace mission. But Captain Smith kidnaps her and brings her back to his boat.

Pocahontas is imprisoned by John Smith, but the two strike up a friendship while she is there. It is only because to the quick thinking of John Smith that she is saved from being discovered by a neighbouring tribe.


Hua Mulan, a lady who disguised herself as a man and served in the army in lieu of her father, was the inspiration for the character Mulan in ancient Chinese mythology. It wasn't just battling for her country that she did. She was able to keep it.

Mulan was made at a time when the Chinese placed a high priority on valor, masculinity, and honor.

Disney Princesses

As a strong, fearless woman who is prepared to put her family and country before herself, Mulan, the film's titular character, embodies these ideals.

Her tale shows us that we don't always have to battle like a male in order to be powerful – we can still stand up for what we believe in and fight for the country that we care about.

Mulan did not fall in love with or marry a prince in this story. Instead, she rose to the status of a military hero, saving not only herself but also her entire country.