Disney Junior’s Ariel Season 1 Release Date Revealed, Storyline, Top Cast, Trailer!

We are very excited for the first look of the ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel Season 1’. This animated musical series for children is coming soon. This series is inspired by The Little Mermaid, the classic Walt Disney Pictures film that debuted in 1989.

In this,  live-action remake the lead role is played by Mykal-Micheal Harris Along with Taye Diggs as King Triton and Amber Riley as Ursula. The set was designed in the Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom of Atlantica. The series contains a young Ariel, Fan – Favorite Characteristics. Disney Junior’s Ariel is produced by Lynne Southerland.


  • Supervising Director: Kuni Tomita Bowen
  • Art Director: Chrystin Garland
  • Executive Producer: Lynne Southerland
  • Story Editors: Norma P. Sepulveda and Keith Wagner
  • Producer: Ezra Edmond

You Will Be Glad to Know That the Release Date of “Disney Junior Ariel” is Revealed

The “Disney Junior Ariel” Season 1 will debut on Thursday, 27, June 2024. It will be released on Disney Junior and air on Disney channel later the next day, with an initial batch of eight episodes available on Disney+, the following day. There is a total 120 episodes divided into two seasons that will roll out through 2027.

What’s the Story of Disney Junior’s Ariel Season 1?

Disney Junior's Ariel Season 1 Release Date

We all knew about Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. The hearts of millions of fans for decades got warm. The Little mermaid introduces a new generation to the classic starring Jonah- Hauer as Eric, Halle Bailey as Ariel.

Disney's Junior Ariel, a new animated series is set for younger audiences. Ariel is curious about collecting small things in her crystal cavern. With her friends, she used them for solving the problems. The color of Ariel's tail depends upon her emotions.

The lead role is played by Mykal-Micheal Harris as Ariel along with Taye Diggs as King Triton and Amber Riley as Usmula. This animated new series will empower young children and encourage them to learn new things and take positive risks.

To accompany Ariel, as she used to do discoveries , overcome problems and always learn new valuable things. Her best friends Flounder( Grace Newton ) , Elizabeth Phoenix Caro) and Ferine (Cruz Flateau) are there.

The Caribbean culture celebration is going on , and it's showing the musical talent and central theme that encourages early learners to have a growth mindset.

This animated movie will motivate the youngsters to learn new things and take a positive risk to do new things.

The “Sutherland” says that the world is full of creatures and it is a wonderful place for exploring. We have got one of the best adventures even in Ariel . This fantastic animated movie will help the parents to understand the dreaming world of children's.

In the new series the Ursula is “Tauntie Ursula” . She is described in the role of a kind and gentler version of villain. The Ariel’s friend merfriend have ethnic jewelry, Ponytail ball hair accessories.

This new series is musical, and the parents and kids will be delighted. There is at least one song as well as musical elements in each episode.

Now We Come to the Top Cast of  “Disney Junior Ariel”

  • Gracen Newton voices Flounder in “Disney Junior Ariel”  an animated movie inspired by “The little mermaid” that follows that young mermaid princess Ariel as she goes on fun-filled, Action packed adventures with her friend.
  • Jessica Mikayla is an American actress who voices Alana in “Disney Junior Ariel”  As the Ariel’s twin sister Alana and Ayanna.
  • Mykal-Micheal Harris is an American actress , who voices Titular Ariel. Ariel is the main protagonist character in the “Disney Junior Ariel”.
  • Taye Diggs  voices the King Triton. He is a tritagonist in “Disney Junior Ariel”.
  • Amber Riley voices Ursula in “Disney Junior Ariel”. She is represented as a mentor to young Ariel.

We Have Talked About “Disney Junior Ariel” a Lot So Far , Now Let’s Move to Its Trailer

If you want to see  the trailer of “Disney Junior Ariel” then click on this link. The series centers on Ariel and her fun-filled, action-packed mermaid adventures with her friends in the mystical underwater country of Atlantica, which takes its cue from the Caribbean.

Disney Junior's Ariel Season 1 Release Date

Rating of Disney Junior Ariel:

Disney Junior Ariel is an animated movie. This movie is inspired by “The Little Mermaid”. This series has the rating TV-Y.


The “Disney Junior Ariel” is an animated movie. It consists of 120 episodes divided into two seasons that will roll out through 2027. The first episode will be released on Thursday, 27, June 2027 on Disney junior. This animated series is inspired by “The little mermaid”.

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