Diluvian Winds: What We Know So Far

What is Diluvian Winds?

Diluvian is a 2D management/adventure game played from the side in semi-real time, set in a world where people have been forced to flee because of rising floods.

Diluvian Winds

The player takes on the role of the Guardian, a person who, by refusing to leave his lighthouse, would be forced to witness this vast exodus.

Diluvian Winds Story And Gameplay

The devs describe it as a “sail-punk simulation game,” in which you are forced into exile as a result of increasing sea levels around the world.

The Guardian is someone who refuses to leave their lighthouse, and you end up gathering together refugees in order to try to form a community in order to survive the incoming tide.

You can pick and choose which travelers you want to house in your community, and there are a variety of paths you can take to assist the lighthouse in protecting itself from the impending floods.

Alambik Studio stated that they are attempting to go a different approach than previous comparable games, with the game being built on a sense of community building as its foundation.

Diluvian Winds

According to the developers, you may play it in a relaxed manner by simply watching everything unfold as you build up, or you can get more engaged because it can be a tough management game for those who want to maintain optimizing.

Take advantage of each critter's unique abilities and preferences to maximum efficiency.. Each one has its own special skill set, such as the capacity to gather more wood from the rubble and maintain a positive attitude while working.

The morale and readiness of your pets will be maintained if you feed and rest them according to their preferences.

Make sure to keep an eye on the lighthouse's huge fire every night, and make sure to feed it oil, wood, or scraps depending on the conditions.

Diluvian Winds

Tsunamis sweep ashore with high tides, destroying everything in their path. Clear the debris and begin the community's reconstruction as soon as the skies clear and the flood lowers.

As the Guardian adjusts to their harsh world, Diluvian Winds is a sandbox adventure with a cast of unique characters, ambient music, and a lesson in perseverance that can only be learned through hardship.

Diluvian Winds Trailer

System Requirements

Linux support is mentioned on the Steam page's system requirements.

Final Words

Overall, it sounds fantastic and has a really wonderful vibe, reminiscent of Spiritfarer in some ways. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of this one in the near future.

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