Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan Break Up: Unraveling the Status of Their Relationship!

Bri and Zach Bryan, a couple whose relationship has garnered attention, particularly due to their presence in the public eye, have sparked curiosity among fans regarding the status of their union. As with many high-profile couples, the public often wonders about the intricacies of their personal lives, including whether Bri and Zach have experienced a breakup.

Who is Brianna Chickenfry?

The real name of Brianna is Brianna “Bri” LaPaglia, but people know her as Zach's girlfriend. She is also famous for being an influencer and podcast host.

Bri hosts the Barstool Sports show PlanBri Uncut with Grace O'Malley. On it, she talks about what it's like to be in your early 20s and figure out your life.

“She’s not here to sugarcoat anything, sharing her insane drunken memories all while giving tips on relationships, friendships, partying, and much more,” the show's description says.

Bri often finds herself making videos for her TikTok page, which has more than 2 million fans when she's not on stage.

The person who calls themselves the “Dr. Phil of college advice” was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 17, 1999, but they now live in New York City.

When did Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan meet?

Before Zach and Bri were together, Bri was just one of Zach's friends. In May 2023, they met for the first time at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where she asked the country star to take a picture with her.

They were both in other relationships at the time, and she has since told People that they “didn't say anything to each other” other than her asking for a picture.

Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan

After each of them had broken up with their partners, they got back in touch. Bri realized Zach was special during an 18-hour car ride.

I think he's the nicest and most honest person I've ever met. On an episode of the BFFs show, she told Grace, Dave Portnoy, and Josh Richards, “He's so normal.”

“We drove for 18 hours together and talked the whole time. We didn't crank up the music once.”

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“Then I realized, ‘Wow, this guy's cool.'” We ended up getting to know each other. “It's been great spending so much time with you,” she said. After that, on July 28, 2023, she revealed on her podcast that they were dating.

Did Bri and Zach Bryan Break Up?

Breakup rumors about Bri and Zach made the news after the two were said to have broken up. This idea seems to have been sparked by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy as well. The founder of Barstool Sports said that Zach and Bri stopped following each other at the Grammys.

Also, Brianna Chickenfry didn't want to talk about the “unfollow saga” live because she said she didn't unfollow anyone and gave more details, but she asked people to cut that part.

Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan

Some people say that Dave and Brianna broke up, but Dave didn't ask many questions about it because he didn't want to bother her. The founder of Barstool Sports said that people were mean to him because he didn't ask these questions. Some even called him names.

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Dave Portnoy, the owner of Barstool, talked to Brianna on the podcast and scolded her for not going public with the country music star on their show.

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