Dial 100 Another Amazing Movie of Manoj Bajpayee

Did you love Family Man? Was the thrill of the chase too much to sink in? Did you feel attached to Srikant's struggle? Want to catch something similar? How excited are you if you get to see Manoj Bajpayee in another thriller crime drama named “Dial 100”? 

I don't know about you, but I am really excited. 


A mystery thriller that you will love !!!

The movie is a fast-paced suspense thriller plotted amidst a pitch-black rainy night. Something which started as a distress call. It was alleged as a suicidal idealization by a lady in the Mumbai police emergency control room. What it turns out to be, is not just going to be a shocker for the audience but for the police personnel too.

With the first call only, officer Nikhil will start sensing suspicion and gripping fear that something awful was to befall. Little did he think that this single call is going to bring back to life all his dark secrets. As the case proceeds, every single call ends in a threat. With the advancing of the story, it becomes more and more apparent that it is a plot set especially for him. 

He finds that his family will be at the epicentre of this criminal plot. He has to solve the mystery, or this will cause him to lose his family. Little did he knows that he is going to succumb to the revenge of a grieving mother for the unfortunate death of her son. 

dial 100

The premise is entirely set in one night, a night that is going to change his entire life forever. It's not just going to be a thrilling ride, not just for officer Nikhil, but the audience too will be bewildered as to what is happening. The officers experience a surge of emotions with every move. Every second there is a new happening and a new twist. To top it all, the music chosen and the ambience of the night will fill the heart of the audience with dread, suspense and horror. Officer Nikhil is going to put his life at stake to save his family.


The climax !!!!

This movie is a mirror to what society represents today. The climax is going to prove itself to be the soul of the movie, leaving the audience with a dilemma of who is the villain. The story ends with a lot of different versions or perspectives of the incident, each equally plausible. The audience will surely have a great deal of trouble reconciling with the truths. Nobody can say with full conviction that which truth is absolute.

There are many insights into drug addiction. This movie is a must-watch for all parents.


Cast that is going to steal your heart away !!!!

Manoj Bajpayee is portrayed as Senior Inspector Nikhil Sood, Neena Gupta as Seema Pallav, the antagonist and  Sakshi Tanwar playing the role of officer Nikhil’s wife as Prerna Sood. Casting is the main crowd stealer in the movie apart from the storyline and narration. Our favourite Neena Gupta admitted in an interview that initially, she was not sure of performing a dark character. But she surely gave justice to the character as she is highly applauded for her role in it. 

Manoj bajpayee, as always, ends up outshining with his purely talent-based acting skill over the silver screen yet again. Yet a concern that this might be leading him to typecast a role as a cop saving his family, as it was for his previous movie ‘The Family Man’. It would be a delight to see him in a varied role. With the character development in place, Sakshi Talwar is going to steal the show and leave everybody awestruck with her acting, especially when it comes to the emotional scenes.  

Wrapping up !!!

Dial 100 is produced by Siddharth P Malhotra and Sapna Malhotra and directed by Rensil D'Silva. Dial 100 is to be premiered over platform ZEE5 on 6 august 2021. The movie is rated as 6.3 out of 10 on popular movie review website IMDb, a little less than expected due to the narration. The movie loosens its grip and the predictability in the middle. Although in the end, it's all compensated for little to lessen the shortcoming the movie could have presented itself with.