Di Ray Ending: What Occurred in Episode 4 of the Show? Ending Explained!

DI Ray's story has come to a dramatic finish with highs and lows in the last episode, so here's how it ends. While Rachita Ray could apprehend some of the evil guys (hurrah!), she could not uncover the criminal gang's leaders (boo, hiss!).

And it appeared at the end of the final episode that she wouldn't get the chance. Here's what happened in the final DI Ray installment.

What Occurred in Episode 4 of Di Ray?

Sadly, episode 4 began with the news that no one wanted to hear: PS Tony Khatri had died. Marcus Tranter and his wicked criminal group claimed him as the newest victim. Fortunately, it didn't take much yelling at the TV for DI Rachita Ray to realize her fiancé was also involved in unlawful activities.

She made the unexpected finding that DCI Martyn Hunter was a bent copper, which had a significant impact on her inquiry as well as her personal life. DI Ray discovered a video of her fiancé having sex with a youngster in an illegal brothel.

Di Ray Ending

When she challenged him, he became enraged and gladly handed her over to his henchman Marcus Tranter. Of course, DI Ray had outwitted Martyn, and police were on the scene to apprehend Martyn and Marcus.

Who Assassinated Imran Aziz?

Marcus Tranter was caught at the end of DI Ray for the murders of Imran Aziz, Anjuli Kapoor, PS Tony Khatri, and Karl Shaw.

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Meanwhile, DCI Martyn Hunter was detained on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to cause GBH, misconduct in public office, a murder plot, and sex with a child. DCI Martyn Hunter confessed to working for the evil guys.

Di Ray Ending

He'd been ‘tricked' into sleeping with a minor prostitute and coerced into working for the group. DCI Martyn Hunter requested protection in exchange for information during the inquiry. At the end of the episode, it's uncertain if the dishonest cop will go to jail.

Di Ray Ending Explained: Will She Be Suspended?

The ITV series DI Ray shines a light on racism, whether accidental or intentional, in today's society and the police. DI Rachita Ray was promoted to join a murder investigation because the murder was classified as a “Culturally Specific Homicide,” although it was not.

DI Ray is suspended at the end of Series 1 Episode 4 due to her relationship with a colleague. Of course, she realizes it's a convenient reason to get rid of her. Unfortunately, she discovers that she was elevated based on her ethnicity rather than her talent.

Di Ray Ending

They didn't want her there in the first place; she was only there to check a box. It's a sad and disappointing finish that will undoubtedly make viewers angry at how she's been treated.

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Will the Show Return?

ITV has not yet confirmed whether the program will be renewed for a second season. Typically, the channel will not decide on another series until the first has been evaluated. However, we'd love to see the actors and crew return for season 2. Is it possible to resurrect Maanuv Thiara as PS Tony Khatri?

At the end of Series 1, DI Ray expresses concern to her superiors that “the big players are still out there.”A potential series 2 could try to “unravel a modern-day enslavement ring.”So keep an eye on this space and cross your fingers! If that's the case, we're all for it.