Netflix’s Original Delivery by Christmas Ending Explained!

Delivery by Christmas Ending Explained: When there is an abundance of cheesy Christmas comedies, it might be challenging to track down a realistic Christmas romance. All we need is a little love, some presents, some twinkly lights & some time with the family, but we also shouldn't forget the reason for the season. Polish Netflix's original “Delivery by Christmas,” tells the story of a package delivery worker who works tirelessly to ensure that everyone receives their gifts in time for the holiday. Can we count on her to deliver? It focuses on the importance of doing the right thing for Christmas & spreading joy to others.

Delivery by Christmas Plot Overview

During the holiday season, DTP, a courier service, has a lot of packages & gifts coming into their office. Maria & her coworkers are working hard to get all the Christmas packages to their recipients on time. The workplace throws a party & the boss fumbles through an attempt at an address. As Maria tries to comfort him, he takes it as a sexual overture on her part.

 Delivery by Christmas Ending Explained

Maria, while making a delivery, runs into Krzysztof, to whom she offers a package along with the others. Maria's packages keep getting sent to the wrong places because of her idiotic boss. When Krzysztof realizes he is missing the ring's proper packaging, he goes in search of Maria. They banded together to make another round of delivery stops, something neither of them was particularly enthusiastic about doing.

When a young boy's parents find out he impregnated one of his coworkers, Milena, their world is turned upside down. Due to their longstanding friendship, Estera also sends the tailor a Christmas present. His misunderstanding begins with the wrong package he accidentally receives. Things turn out well, though, because Estera returns his affections.

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Delivery by Christmas Ending Explained: It's a Christmas miracle that the twosome is able to get all the gifts to their intended recipients. The mistake was very serious, but it ended up being for the best. In an effort to teach Mirek some responsibility, his parents kick him out of the house. Milena eventually succeeds in helping him realize the importance of being self-sufficient & unique. It's a chance for Estera to learn about herself as a sexual being & to discover her deepest desires. In the film's climax, the protagonists' ultimate fate is revealed.

Is Krzysztof Able to Receive His Package?

Krzysztof was the one to realize his package had been sent to the wrong address. Upon coming to this conclusion, Krzysztof, with Maria's assistance, is able to retrieve his package. But there's a catch to this story.

 Delivery by Christmas Ending Explained

The wedding ring was anticipated by Krzysztof's grandfather. He had, instead, sent a statue that looked very unsuitable. The package his grandfather had planned to send him did arrive, but it did not contain the ring he had been expecting.

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Final Thoughts

One of the most heartbreaking Christmas films is “Delivery by Christmas.” Subplots of the Christmas picture were grounded in reality. However, the script fell short of making the film's authentic subplots interesting. The script was painfully slow. Aleksandra, Maciej & Maria put in a lot of work, despite the topic's appeal, to tell the experiences of 3 families & the impact of a single terrible gift. The audience, despite knowing the film's outcome, wanted it to conclude fast due to the film's plodding pace. Unfortunately, the film's plot about a real-life Christmas miracle attempted by Aleksandra & Maciej fell flat. “Delivery by Christmas” is enjoyable if you're in the mood for a slow holiday film.

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