Delirious Face Reveal: Has the Internet Sensation Unveil His Mask?

H2O Delirious, a mysterious YouTuber, claims to have finally disclosed the personality behind the channel's success, but could it be Fortnite Battle Royale material, uniting some of the most high-profile streamers and YouTube stars to the project?

Delirious is a name that millions of fans recognize in the huge world of internet gaming and content development.

Delirious has maintained an odd level of secrecy throughout his career while being known for his infectious laughter, catchy catchphrases, and gaming expertise.

In this article, we delve into the captivating mystery of the Delirious face reveal and explore the anticipation that surrounds this enigmatic figure.

Who Is H2O Delirious?

H2O Delirious is a gaming YouTuber from the United States. On May 24, 2007, H2O Delirious launched his YouTube channel.

H20 Delirious is from North Carolina and has a large fan base. Since joining YouTube, he has amassed a massive following base without ever revealing his face.

Jonathan is his real name, and he is well known for his so-called Psychotic Laugh, misspeaking during videos, and filming various gaming videos.

He was one of the very first YouTubers, back in 2007. He mentioned in one of his videos that he is originally from Virginia but migrated to North Carolina later in life.

Jonathan is good friends with fellow YouTuber Cartoonz. Cartoonz used to date his sister, and the relationship lasted nearly eight years, which explains their incredible affinity.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal

H2O Delirious has never done a face reveal, which has piqued the interest of his admirers.

H2O has been on YouTube for over a decade, yet his fans have no idea who he is.

He, like other gaming YouTubers, represents himself with an animated persona. He usually wears his famous Jason Voorhees mask, complete with clown makeup. His character usually wears a blue jacket with a turtle neck underneath.

At times, he has his character transform into new costumes. It's the Christmas season, and he's dressed like Santa Claus, complete with the same mask.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal

He posted a phony face reveal video on April Fools' Day in 2015. He exposed the face of a GTA V character rather than his own.

In 2017, he performed another false face reveal video with the assistance of his YouTuber buddies MiniLadd and Daithi de Nogla.

Delirious posted a cute animated picture that a lot of people liked.

He mentioned in one of his live streams in 2018 that he and fellow YouTuber Gorillaphent have known each other since high school, and followers have believed that Gorilla is the only person who knows the real him.

He has been involved in a number of YouTube disputes and allegations. He was also mentioned in Keemstar's video regarding their charges. For using the tune “Outta my mind,” he received three Copyright Strikes.

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He has amassed millions of followers and provided a plethora of gaming material.

In addition, H2O Delirious is presently dating cosplayer Liz Katz.

Liz became pregnant with their first child in 2020, and she gave birth to a girl in the fall.

They announced they were expecting a second child last May, and a few months later, they welcomed a baby boy.

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