Delhi Crime Season 3: is There Going to Be Another Season on Netflix?

The second season of Delhi Crime returned to Netflix on August 26, 2018, following a three-year break, but many viewers are already eager for confirmation of a third season.

Developed by Richie Mehta, the series dramatizes true crimes that have occurred in Delhi, India; season one centers on the Nirbhaya gang rape case from 2012, while season two centers on a triple murder committed by the notorious Kachcha Baniyan gang.

The potential plot of season 3 of Delhi Crime is currently unknown. To jump the gun, though… First, let's get down to business and discover if Delhi Crime will return for a third season.

Should We Expect the Third Season of Delhi Crime?

We don't know for sure if the third season of Delhi Crime will ever air on Netflix because the streaming service hasn't yet confirmed if it would be renewing or canceling the show. While we would want to provide some breaking news, we can't because the second season premiered on August 26 and no fresh episodes have been released as of yet. We still have a good deal of optimism.

delhi crime season 3

Many people have resorted to social media after binge-watching the five episodes to express their disappointment at the show's brevity and ask when it will return. We are unable to provide an exact premiere date, but we may speculate as to when the crime drama may return.

Due mostly to the COVID-19 epidemic, there was a lengthy delay between the airing of seasons 1 and 2. In the event that Delhi Crime is given a third season, production might start as early as 2023, with a possible premiere date in the middle of the late 2020s or the early 2021s.

What Will Happen in Season 3 of Delhi Crime?

Director Tanuj Chopra said that the cast and crew of Delhi Crime would be looking into more real-life incidents in the Indian city in the future, despite the fact that the show had not been renewed.

‘We often speak about what would make a good argument,' he said to the India Times. I'd like to see something that shows us a different, less-visited side of Delhi.

The event took place on a public transportation vehicle or out in public. A case involving the posh part of Delhi would be fascinating.

Based on his statements, Chopra is trying to portray a completely different facet of criminality involving a very different class of people, which could shift the focus more toward politics or corruption.

Meanwhile, in 2021, writer Sudhanshu Saria told The Hindu that he was “launching into the screenplay for Delhi Crime” after being brought on for Season 3.

delhi crime season 3

Then, in October of last year, the creators of Netflix‘s Delhi Crime reached out to me and were interested in having me join the cast for season three,” he revealed to the source.

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Just How Popular is Delhi Crime Season 2 So Far?

The first season of Delhi Crime was largely acknowledged as the year's top crime show. And after airing, the program was recognized with a number of honors.

  • Asian Academy Creative Award for Best Direction in a Fiction Series (2019).
  • Emmy Awards for BeAwards: Best Drama Series, iReel Awards (2019).
  • iReel Awards – (2019): Best Drama Series,
  • The 2019 iReel Awards went to Shefali Shah.
  • One of Rajesh Tailang's 2019 iReel Award nominations is for his work.
  • Awards for Best Drama at the 2019 Asian Academy of Creative Arts
  • Television Series, Winner of the 2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards
  • Winner of the Asian Academy Creative Awards for Best Original Streaming Program – (2019)
  • Taking Home the Award for Best Direction in a Fiction Series from the Asian Academy of the Arts (2019)
  • The winner of the Asian Academy Creative Awards for best original streamer program was International Actor (Richie Mehta, 2020) and Best International Drama Series (Bets, 2020).

The second season has been well received, which is fantastic news.

Two episodes from the first season were rated 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 has an 88% and 100% rating on the Tomatometer and among the general public.

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The series' IMDB score of 8.5/10 has likewise remained stable.

Is Delhi a Crime for Adults?

Several nations have banned Delhi Crime from sale to minors and provided a parent's advice. They vouched that anyone over the age of 16 can watch the show safely.

Users on IMDb have also remarked that Delhi Crime features strong and powerful sequences, as well as some light drug use, smoking, mild swearing, and moderate violence and bloodshed. The Indian series, on the other hand, avoids discussing sexuality and nudity.

For that reason, Delhi Crime is not recommended for viewers who are easily disturbed by graphic violence and bloodshed.

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Teaser Trailer for Season 2 of “Delhi Crime”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delhi Crime 2 an Actual Narrative?

Delhi Crime Season 2, which debuted on August 26, is based on a true story about the Kacha-Baniyan gang, which used to target and brutally murder old people in the nation's capital.

What is the Basis Behind Delhi Crime 2?

Neeraj Kumar, the former police commissioner of the Delhi Police, discussed this group lately in his book Khaki Files, which served as the basis for Delhi Crime 2. The Kachha Baniyan Gang: who are they? According to reports, this gang was active in the North of India in the early 1990s.

Does Nirbhaya Case Have a Movie?

The film “Nirbhaya,” which was directed by Anshuman Pratyush, explores the struggles of Piyali (Hiya Dey), a rape victim who becomes a victim of the legal system when she refuses to become a teenage mother.