Death Roads: Tournament – What We Know So Far

What Is Death Roads: Tournament?

Death Roads: Tournament is a turn-based card game in the Mad Max-style, in which players participate in a death race tournament to the finish line. They engage in furious vehicle combats using their own decks of playing cards, which they bring with them. Then they conduct lethal maneuvers such as shifting gears and blasting opponents with weaponry in order to win the battle!

Death Roads Plot

The year is 2082, and the world is in a state of flux. The majority of the continent is covered in desolate lands. The wealthy or fortunate enough dwell in “PRIME ONE,” a massive artificial intelligence-operated city.

Death Roads: Tournament

People seek thrills in dark stream entertainment because they are protected from the harsh environment and are cared for by robots. One of the most popular shows is Death Roads, which is a huge and dangerous race from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Each new season, only a small number of riders from the “Outlands” are permitted to take part in the competition. The right to become a member of the “PRIME” society is the reward. Rarely do any of them make it out alive…

Death Roads: Tournament Gameplay

You will be the one who will take part in the Death Roads race in order to fight for a better future! First, decide on a driver and a vehicle for him. You will be provided with a starter weapon set as you board your ride. Then choose a sponsor who will be responsible for determining the starting position on the map. Make your decision with caution, because you will not be able to change your mind later!

As you travel along the road, you will come across a variety of opponents and other competitors. Try to get away from them or fight till the last drop of blood is spilled. Keep in mind that there can only be one winner and that any and all tricks are permitted. If you are unable to shoot, simply hit the opponent!

Death Roads: Tournament

Build your car by collecting pieces from your opponents and putting them in it. You will receive new and hazardous weaponry, engines, and wheels in this manner, which will surprise your opponents and assist you in winning. Completing the deck and combining cards into lethal combinations is the objective.

Each skirmish puts you closer to victory, so don't let up on your pace; instead, keep moving forward. Keep in mind that Death Roads is a race in which it is very easy to lose. Then you'll have to start over from the beginning of your journey.

Key Features

  • Turn-based battles with different objectives
  • Various cars, characters, and weapons to unlock
  • Deck-building based on swapping car parts
  • Nonlinear progression on the world map
  • Stylized graphics reflecting a thrilling race

Final Words

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