Dear White People Season 3 Review: Trailer | Is It A Sequel?

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At the beginning of Season 3, one character asks another, “Have you ever wanted something till you got it?”

The problem isn't new, but Netflix's comedy-satire from Justin Simien gives it new meaning.

These characters want success, celebrity, societal change, or each other's bodies and company.

How do black Americans who expect hurdles, discrimination, and injustice embrace positive outcomes?

Dear White People Season 3 Review
Dear White People Season 3 Review

Since Season 2 ended, I've been dying for Season 3 of Dear White People.

Sam (Logan Browning) and Lionel (DeRon Horton) find a secret society in Winchester University's history (“The Order“).

Knowing what may have been, the show returns to normal. Dear White People, Season 3 isn't a wash, but. We're used to its humor and provocations.

The show seems lived-in because it allows its characters to breathe. Sam focuses on “Dear White People” and her social plan, including the Black Student Union and caucus sessions.

She's focusing on her romance with Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), her junior film thesis, and her dad's death.

Lionel avoids Order mysteries to become less naive and wholesome. Griffin Matthews's scene-stealing D'Unte helps him, as do Al (Jemar Michael) and Brooke (Courtney Sauls).

Reggie (Marquee Richardson) and Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) have a too-brief honeymoon before a relationship downturn they can't diagnose or fix.

Reg's struggle and success are unique. Under the direction of new lecturer Moses Brown (Blair Underwood), he finds peace after being held at gunpoint in Season 1.

When a student accuses Brown of sexual assault, Reggie deflects his panic by invoking the past abuse of black males by white women.

When the season isn't action-packed, it's filler. Season 1 was world-building; in Season 2, it was our anchor while the show stretched its formula.

Season 3 treads water until episode 10, when Brown and the Order clash.

No more party scenes, sexual tension, or bottle episodes. Dear White People is running out of ways to spend time within Armstrong-ivy-covered Parker's walls. Season 3 feels more like a feature film than 10 half-hours.

The Order plot is underused. Its unveiling loses its luster quickly, as does any discussion of it.

Dear White People Season 3 Review
Dear White People Season 3 Review

Season 3's Order is a narrative of Chekhov's gun that's out of sight until it's time to fire.

Giancarlo Esposito's narration and twisted Winchester history no longer fill its void.

Things get fascinating when that thread gets rekindled, but then it's time to leave.

At the season's start, Esposito's character says the only way out is to kill the narrator.

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He meant it sarcastically, to warn us that Dear White People will do that, but also to tell the characters, “the only voice you need in your head is your own.”

Even after removing extraneous noise, finding your voice takes time. Dear White People can return if renewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Was Dear White People, Volume 3 Released?

August 2, 2019
On June 21, 2018, Dear White People's third volume was announced, and on August 2, 2019, it debuted.

Does Dear White People Have a Sequel?

It is based on the same-named movie from 2014. Justin Simien, who also wrote and directed the film, returns to pen and helm the show's episodes. Logan Browning, Brandon P. Bell, DeRon Horton, and Antoinette Robertson are the stars of this show.

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Where Was Dear White Filmed?

Filming. In Minnesota, including at the University of Minnesota and other locations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, as well as in Los Angeles, including the UCLA campus, principal photography took place in late September 2013. It took 19 days to complete the filming.