Dear Evan Hansen Musical Drama Film You Will Love

The movie Dear Evan Hansen would have already been released by the time you read this article. While this movie might not be as big as a few other Hollywood movies that are watched in most of the regions, it’s still close to our hearts of us. The group who loves to watch movies that aren’t viral but special!

Dear Evans Hansen: Overview

It is an American musical drama film that’s directed by Stephen Chbosky. Some of you might already be aware of the origin of this film, as it’s an adaptation from an already superhit musical that bagged not one or two, but SIX Tony Awards as well as Grammy-Awards winner!

With a total running time of 137 minutes, the film was released on September 24, 2021. The movie cast includes:

  • Ben Platt
  • Amy Adams
  • Julianne Moore
  • Kaitlyn Dever
  • Amandla Stenberg
  • Nik Dodani
  • Danny Pino
  • Colton Ryan
  • DeMarcus Copes

After being a major hit years ago, Universal Pictures bought the film rights in 2018 to further develop it into a movie. 

dear evan hansen

Dear Evan Hansen Storyline

The show revolves around Evan Hansen, who is an anxious high school student who gets stuck in the web of lies and romantic relationships after a classmate’s death due to suicide. As per the suggestion of his therapist, Evans writes letters to himself as a motivation. The movie begins with a great understanding where one of the deceased’s family members mistakes the letters written by Hansen as the suicide note of the deceased.

Now you can imagine how interesting the further activities and interpretations would be! This chaos leads to dishonesty, anxiety, loss and how one can feel alone even when surrounded by a crowd!

The reason for the classmate’s suicide also happens to be because he went through the letters that Hansen wrote for himself and was never meant for anyone! This leads to a strong realisation for Hansen, who later gets accepted by his peers and lives a life that he couldn’t have even dreamt of earlier!

How is Dear Evan Hansen different from the musical?

First thing first, the film version is a FAITHFUL adaptation of the original musical. Changes are made only to the portrayal of the characters in the film.

Four songs have also been omitted:

  • Anybody Have a Map
  • Disappear
  • To Break in a Glove
  • Good For You

Many of you must already be aware, and the remaining ones will instantly catch the logic behind it; the ending of such adaptations are always altered. The reason could simply be to keep something new, at least for the old audience. The same goes for the Dear Evan Hansen ending, where we get to see more of Evan’s character (altered from the musical). He tries to help the family of the boy who commits suicide.

While there is more to it, we will leave the remaining surprises to not give you any more spoilers.

Nepotism Accusation and Aftermath

While this is something new, we don’t get to see the “claims” of nepotism when it comes to movies or TV series, but this happened in the case of the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen.

Do you know the lead role in the film adaptation (Ben Platt) happens to be the son of movie producer Marc Platt? Yes, that’s a fact! This generated quite a lot of heat for the film.

In an interview with Zach Sang (American Radio DJ), Ben Platt said he received quite a lot of criticism on Twitter. He also claimed to have faced abusive texts and comments from the users. He also claimed to have prepared for the role for as long as 3 years and said that his work spoke for him.

Give Peace to Yourself

Yes, you read it right, we have covered the most common queries that we believe our readers could come across. But if we still missed yours, feel free to comment down, and we promise to answer them all. So are you thinking, Is Evan Hansen based on a real story? If yes, there you should know that while the music is inspired by real events, the film isn’t based on a true story. How can you watch Dear Evan Hansens? It’s a Universal Pictures production, the movie is made available on “Peacock” after theatrical release. 

What are the mental health issues shown in Dear Evan Hansens? Evan Hansens, who is a teen, suffers from a social anxiety disorder. Is Evan Hansens the villain of the film/musical? Yes and no, while the chaos further extends due to Evan hiding few things and lying about others, it isn’t completely his fault in the suicide and aftermath.

Wrapping up

The movie has received mixed reviews from critics, and viewers have mostly loved the movie. The majority of the cast have played their roles to the point, and the overall direction is also great.

The movie keeps you involved throughout the ending, and you’re unlikely to feel disconnected at any point. For more interesting information about the series and movies checkout our website.