Deal With the Portuguese Team “Mela”, and Palmeiras Will Have a Strong Expression – 06/28/2021

Petrio will return to Palmeras, the defender revealed by the youth factions. The young man was in the final stages of arranging his trip to the island nation of Madeira, but the contract was not signed. It will be available to Abel Ferreira from August, when the international window will reopen.

Initially, the Alviverde agreed to trade it for 600 thousand euros (Approximately R $ 3.6 million) and still holds 30% of the player's economic rights.

In May, Abel Ferreira spoke with the board about the possibility of presenting his debt returns, but no agreement was reached. The technician who knew the deal was going on had already stopped believing him.

Now, Helles is coming to strengthen the team that lost Alan Emperor, another athlete of the same position who was in debt to Verona, and not the amount he bought with Verto.

Petrio, the under-20 champion of S பாo Paulo with Palmiras in 2017, was one of the professionals the following year, and then received a series of loans.

In August, the Palestinian Italians return to the Al-Duhail-bought paddle in Qatar. Recently, Diverson has already been re-employed, and soon there will be a definition for Boja, who was in debt until the end of the month for Junior Barranquilla, and for the return of Borja, who represents Colombia in the Copa America.