Dead Ringers Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air on Prime?

After watching all six episodes of Dead Ringers on Prime Video in one sitting, viewers will have a good idea of which Rachel Weisz character they are following (Elliot or Beverly) and will be left wondering what the show's producers have in store for them after that shocking cliffhanger.

The sarcastic take on current maternal care may have scared away viewers with its opening montage of bloodied newborns. But the chaos of the identical twins has surely left genre TV fans wanting more.

While the fate of Elliot, Beverly, and the Mantle birthing center, funded by an opioid billionaire reminiscent of the Sacklers, has been revealed, is there more to the story? Everything that viewers of Dead Ringers need to know about Season 2 has been revealed here.

What is Dead Ringers About?

The show is mostly inspired by the 1988 film of the same name by David Cronenberg. In contrast to the movie, which centers on two male gynecologists, the series follows two female doctors.

Ingenious gynecologists and identical twins, Beverly and Elliot Mantle hope to one day own their own birthing center. The twist is that they frequently take use of their appearances to switch partners, jobs, and other responsibilities.

Dead Ringers Season 2 Release Date

However, problems arise in the twins' relationship when Beverly develops feelings for the lady she's seeing.

Dead Ringers Season Release Date: When Will It Air on Prime?

Even while Dead Ringers has only been advertised as a miniseries so far, it wouldn't be the first time a show with a shorter run was renewed due to overwhelming critical acclaim.

Early reactions to Dead Ringers have been really favorable, so depending on how the program is received by fans, we may be seeing more of its actors in the future. And after that party with the other horrible rich people, Rebecca and Susan would make great fodder for a side drama.

In any case, stay tuned for further details regarding the show's possible renewal.

Dead Ringers Season 2 cast: Who Could Star?

We anticipate that Rachel Weisz will return to her role as Elliot/Beverly. But we were also given the impression that Beverly perished at the end of Season 1, so we don't hold out much hope for the reappearance of her character.

Tom was seen leaving New York in the finale, maybe for good, therefore his presence in a hypothetical second season is questionable. Greta (Poppy Liu), who previously worked for the Mantle twins, now appears to be working on her own art project and rebuilding her relationship with her father.

If a second season does get made, here are the other cast members we can count on to return:

  • Britne Oldford as Genevieve, Beverly's partner
  • Jennifer Ehle as Rebecca, the Mantle birthing centre's main investor
  • Emily Meade as Susan, Rebecca's wife
  • Suzanne Bertish as Linda, Elliot and Beverly's mother
  • Kevin McNally as Alan, Elliot and Beverly's father

Dead Ringers Season 2 Plot: What Will Happen?

The six-part series is based on the 1988 Jeremy Irons-starring David Cronenberg body-horror film of the same name and is a thrilling adaptation that mostly sticks to the original plot.

With Beverly (or, more likely, Elliot) at the helm of the birthing center and Genevieve and the twins settled into domestic bliss at home, the second season might continue up just where the first left off.

Dead Ringers Season 2 Release Date

Perhaps we'll learn what happened to Elliot (and by extension, Beverly). Maybe the authorities get involved, or maybe Silas does some more research for his article. Towards the end of the series, as Elliot and Beverly's behavior and obstetrics careers begin to slip over a cliff, so too does the show's equilibrium, as it tips into flashbacks & doubtful visions.

The result makes us question whether or not both twins had died after the C-section or if the entire terrifying experience was just a delusion. Weisz could theoretically reprise her dual role as the twins for an additional season.

Weisz and showrunner Birch have stated that they intended for the show to begin in a realistic setting and then shift to a surreal one. They told the Hollywood Reporter, “We wanted each episode to be quite different, and we wanted the show to begin in a very grounded place, in a place that we really recognize, like it's two doctors walking in and out of a hospital in Manhattan.”

We want them to feel like they're in the present day and talking to real ladies dealing with real problems. And by the conclusion, we've reached an epic level of intensity.

Is There Any Trailer for Dead Ringers Season 2?

We'll have to watch what Prime Video does with Dead Ringers, but as of right now, there's no indication as to whether or not there will be a second season. Till then you can enjoy the trailer of Season 1 given below:

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Is It Worth Watching the Dead Ringers Series?

The psychological thriller Dead Ringers is a must-read for fans of such works.

Where Can I Watch Dead Ringers?

This series is available on Amazon Prime Video!

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