Dead End 2022 Ending Explained: How Do They Use the Money?

Dead End 2022 Ending Explained: The Polish series Dead End (2022) features a group of people who switch automobiles with a bank robber and must then decide what to do with the loot. Netflix users can now watch the show online.

Dead End Synopsis

A man sobs at the bank teller before announcing loudly that he intends to loot the establishment.

One of the men at the table begs the other to be more forgiving in his assessment. Leon is a single parent raising troubled teen Dianka, who is on probation.

Leon is warned that the next time Dianka causes trouble, she will be institutionalized. Leon and Dianka have a rocky relationship because he is an unemployed alcoholic and she doesn't listen. She gives him her laptop and her wedding band to pawn so he can buy more alcohol.

Dead End 2022 ending explained

Dianka says Leon doesn't pay any attention to her and doesn't care about her, so she tells him that he doesn't even know she's three months pregnant to illustrate her point.

Due to financial constraints, he decides to drive to the Czech Republic and offers to take along two additional passengers. Middle-aged Klara has recently divorced her spouse and is now on her way to live with her sister.

Wojtek, a young man from Poland, has been lying to a Czech girl about his identity in order to see her in person. A bank robbery involving two million zlotys is reported on the news as they travel.

Dianka is a naughty young lady who adds stress to the road trip by causing issues at the petrol station. A man matching the description of the bank robbery suspect pulls up in a similar vehicle to get some medical attention.

After accidentally running into each other, the thief and Dianka exchange keys and drive off before realizing they are in the wrong vehicle. The blood isn't the only clue Leon uses to identify the car as the one used in the bank heist.

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A prostitute named Celina approaches the group as Klara, Leon, Dianka, and Wojtek argue over how to spend the money. Since Dianka didn't recognize the thief at first, she answered Leon's phone and told the robber where they were.

When their plot to kill the thief and steal the money back backfires, Celina escapes with the cash and Wojtek beats the robber nearly to death to protect Klara.

Emil is the name of the robber who plotted the crime with his cousin and his cousin's cokehead friend. After making off with the cash, the thieves get into an argument and eventually a shootout, in which only Emil emerges unscathed.

They return the keys and go into a nearby motel after witnessing Emil come in a daze from his head injuries. They have no idea that Celina's pimp, Adrian, also stays at the same motel.

When Emil comes to his wits, he follows in their footsteps and drives up to the motel, where he waits for his chance to demand his money back. Dianka reveals to Klara that her dad is taking her to the Czech Republic to have an abortion because it is allowed there.

Neither Klara nor she believes that Celina has the money, which she thinks Leon and Dianka have hidden. With Wojtek's confession that he, too, saw Celina at the motel, she is convinced that he is complicit.

Celina gives Adrian a call to tell him that she's sent him a present. She puts $70,000 aside, telling Adrian that it's all they need to start over, and hides the rest of the money.

Instead, Adrian beats her to find out the source of the money, and when she reveals that she met the bank robbers, he demands to know where the rest of the loot is hidden.

Do You Know What Celina Tells Adrian?

Celina tells Adrian that she stole the money from the others in the forest, so the two of them go look for them. Even though she and Wojtek are staying at the same motel, she keeps her theft a secret.Dead End 2022 ending explained

In the meantime, Klara discovers the hidden funds and threatens to denounce Leon to social services if she doesn't get her share of the money. Leon suspects that Dianka is telling the truth about Celina, so he sends her back from Celina's chamber after she sneaks in from the balcony and searches the room.

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Dianka corners Wojtek in the bathroom takes the extra cash and disappears into the night. After Wojtek emerges from the bathroom, Emil quietly enters the room, knocks him out, and then searches for the cash.

Hearing Klara accuses Dianka of hiding the money, he rushes in search of her.

How Do They Use the Money?

While Leon is prepared to hand over the cash, Celina insists that she can lead them to the hotel room in question. While under the influence of cocaine, Adrian easily dispatches Emil with a knife.

When the others enter, Leon has already raised the rifle to his head, aimed at Adrian. Celina takes the rifle away and shoots Adrian several times, killing him.

After that, Klara is seen throwing cash into the smoldering wreckage of Emil's car. Dianka confesses to Leon that she never told him she was pregnant.

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Leon leaves Klara and Wojtek in the Czech Republic before returning home, giving everyone involved (including Celina) a fresh start and a chance to recover from the events of that day.