Dawn Woods Emmerdale Jimmy King: Dawn’s Untimely Death

Awn Woods initially appeared in Emmerdale in 2003 as Dawn Hope, Terry Woods' fiancée. It was shortly established that she was Bob Hope's estranged daughter. He hadn't seen her or her brother Jamie much since their mother, Jean, divorced.

Bob was thrilled to have his daughter back in his life but was less enthused with her plans to marry Terry, 27 years her senior.

Dawn Woods, Who Was She?

Dawn appeared on Emmerdale from 2003 to 2006. She was introduced as Terry Woods' fiancée, but viewers quickly realized that she was Bob Hope's estranged daughter.

Dawn Hope was born in 1984 to Bob and Jean Hope. Bob abandoned Dawn, Jean, and their son Jamie when she was four. Dawn and Jamie had minimal touch with him in the years that followed.

Dawn Woods Emmerdale Jimmy King

Bob was shocked to learn that his adolescent daughter, Dawn, was engaged to Terry, who was more than twice her age when Dawn arrived in Emmerdale in 2003. He attempted – and failed – to end their connection.

In Emmerdale, When Did Dawn and Terry Woods Marry?

Terry and Dawn met while Terry was staying at Jean's hotel in Spain. Despite Bob's misgivings, Dawn persisted with the wedding in 2003. The newlyweds were overjoyed when Dawn became pregnant and gave birth to Terry Junior, also known as TJ.

In Emmerdale, When Did Terry Have a Stroke?

TJ was born on October 19, 2003, but Terry suffered a stroke and nearly died a few days later. Dawn assisted in nursing him back to health, but the strain began to show.

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It wasn't long before Dawn, and Terry's age difference became an issue. Caring for a newborn while caring for a sick husband became too much for Dawn, and she left him for Scott Windsor.

Dawn Woods Following Her Divorce in Emmerdale

Dawn fell for Danny Daggert when her relationship with Scott failed. When Scott desired retaliation for her abandonment, he reported the struggling single mother for benefit fraud.

Dawn was imprisoned for three weeks, and when she was freed, she discovered her mother, Jean, was now in a relationship with Terry!

Dawn Woods Emmerdale Jimmy King

Dawn eventually traveled to Cornwall for a vacation and fell in love with someone there. She decided to leave Emmerdale and relocate permanently to the South West.

Terry was irritated that she would be taking little TJ away and vowed to fight for custody, but Jean urged him not to interfere with Dawn's happiness, and he eventually consented.

Dawn went to see her new property, which was part of the posh King's River development, with her stepsister, Donna Windsor-Dingle, before leaving.

Dawn's Untimely Death

Meanwhile, Jimmy King, the developer of King's River, was enraged with his ex-wife Sadie, who had secretly become engaged to his brother, Matthew. Matthew and Sadie were determined to destroy Jimmy and hired Cain to bulldoze the display home in King's River, causing extensive damage.

Despite the challenges, Jimmy was keen to open the show home on schedule, so he patched up the damage and planned to have it completely restored after the opening.

Dawn Woods Emmerdale Jimmy King
Dawn was played by actress Julia Mallam

But, on the day of the show's debut, in July 2006, while Donna, Dawn, and others toured the set, Jimmy's shoddy construction returned to haunt him when the house exploded.

Three individuals were killed in the blast, including Dawn, who was rescued from the rubble in front of her shocked father. Jimmy was severely hurt but recovered and has always been held responsible for Dawn's awful death.

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In Emmerdale, What Happened to Terry Woods?

Terry recovered quickly from his stroke and had many more romantic adventures in the Yorkshire Dales. He had finally found happiness with Brenda Walker, but he had also gotten close to Viv Hope.

When Viv's house caught fire, he and Bob went in to save Viv and the twins, Heath and Cathy. Viv and Terry were both inside when the Post Office exploded in January 2011 and were both slain.