David Carter Unsolved Mystery: New Information and Suspects!

The third season of the true-crime docuseries Unsolved Mysteries is now streaming on Netflix.

Today marks the release of three new episodes, the third of which focuses on the 2018 murder of David Carter, a father from Michigan whose body was found mutilated in a sleeping bag just days after he went missing.

Carter's case is a fresh mystery that will hurt people's hearts because of the intriguing individual who is now on the run and her family's desire for answers.

What happened to David Carter and who the police are looking for in connection to his murder are detailed here.

 Who is David Carter?

On October 1, 2018, the dismembered remains of David Carter Sr., a father of three from Melvindale, Michigan, were discovered.

Carter, who helped with the Melvindale Junior Football League and worked at the Magna Seating Plant, went missing the first week of October 2018.

On September 28, Carter and his family, including DJ and his mother, Samia Conner, went to watch his son play soccer. Carter was DJing the event. Conner says, “David and Tammy came to the game together but weren't at the game together.” Williams, a travel agent and employee at a medical centre and his girlfriend of six months.

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David Carter: What happened to him?

According to the Netflix documentary, DJ Carter went to his father's apartment on September 30 to get some belongings after his mother Samia Conner allegedly received a text message from Carter's phone claiming he was feeling poorly.

David Carter Unsolved Mystery

DJ reportedly witnessed Carter's girlfriend Tammy hauling out the trash cans as he was on his way to visit his father's home.

She “sprinted to the apartment door, how ran,” as DJ Unsolved Mysteries put it. And the door was locked when I arrived at my father's place. You'd think she'd leave the door unlocked after seeing me, but I brought the key.

DJ claimed that both his bedroom and bathroom doors were locked and that Williams told him that Carter had gone for a walk.

On September 30, Carter failed to report to work, prompting a concerned coworker to ask Tasia Carter-Jackson, his sister, to see whether he was okay. When she went to his place, she allegedly discovered the door unfastened and the bed unmade. She reported that there was a significant bloodstain on the mattress as well as a bullet hole.

Carter's legs and lower body were discovered in a sleeping bag in the weeds next to an interstate in Eagle Township, Ohio on October 1. On October 16, Carter's torso and hands were discovered inside a suitcase, and on October 9 his head was found in a black duffel bag with a bullet wound beneath his ear.

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Who Is Responsible for David Carter's Murder?

Body in Bags is an episode of Unsolved Mysteries that focuses on the possibility that Carter's girlfriend Tammy murdered him.

According to Fox2, Williams is wanted for “mutilation, dismemberment of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and firearms offences” in connection with Carter's killing by the United States Department of Justice.

David Carter Unsolved MysteryThere is supposedly a $10,000 reward from the US Marshals for information leading directly to the capture of Williams. In September 2021, police stated they had reason to believe William's family was involved in her escape from authorities.

U.S. Marshal Task Force Detroit member Andrew Battersby said in the documentary, “Someone is aiding her – monetarily and also giving her with a roof, a somewhere to stay.” She simply hasn't vanished.

He also stated that the rifle used was not located and that Williams was “a dangerous woman.”

The possibility that she is “armed and dangerous” has prompted this concern on his part.

Williams, a former travel agent and healthcare worker was detained on October 5, 2018, the day Carter's body was discovered, however, she was later freed due to a lack of evidence.

ClickOnDetroit claims that she disappeared somewhere in the middle of October, prompting a manhunt by law enforcement.

In September of 2021, Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia assured Fox2 that “we will locate you.” Three years into our investigation, we received next to no help from anyone. Everyone is aware of her whereabouts and communication details. You have not yet registered.

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