Dashcam Movie Release Date: Cast ,plot and Many More!

In response to the coronavirus epidemic and related quarantine regulations, filmmaker Rob Savage developed, filmed, and released the horror film Host, which received critical and commercial praise from the genre community.

Blumhouse Productions took note of the adventure's success and hired him to make a new film. The experience that followed was Dashcam. With an official release date set for Dashcam, the film's just-released trailer teases audiences with a glimpse of the film's terrifying premise.

Dashcam will be available in cinemas and on-demand on June 3rd, so be sure to check out the trailer below.

As she drives around downtown Los Angeles during a lockdown, rapper Annie has been live streaming with her followers, collecting their comments and rapping them. Anxious to get away from her hectic lifestyle, Annie heads to London to see her former bandmate Stretch, live streaming the entire journey.

Stretch's girlfriend is disgusted by her appearance and conduct, and she wreaks havoc when she joins him on his food delivery route.

With Stretch's cell phone and automobile, Annie takes over Stretch's food pickups after a disagreement, when she meets a stranger who wants her to deliver an elderly woman in danger, dubbed “Angela,” who is being pursued by someone seeking to harm her.

Annie is sympathetic to Angela's condition and agrees to transport her to a secure location outside of town in exchange for a financial reward.

‘As the night deepens and the mayhem escalates, Annie and Stretch are forced to fight for their lives against a mysterious entity determined to make Annie its new host,' reads the synopsis.


Who Stars in Dascham: Cast

Dashcam Movie Release Date

  • Annie Hardy
  • Faith Kiggundu: Young Angela
  • Dylan Baxter- Seylan
  • Amar Chadha Patel- Stretch
  • Angela Enahoro: Angela
  • James Swanton: The Parasite

Dashcam Movie Plot

Using a computer or phone screen to record video is a modern variation of the found footage film technique, which has been around for decades. A lot of creative filmmakers may benefit from this subgenre since it provides them with fresh methods to express their stories. Fortunately for these filmmakers, Rob Savage's Dashcam has provided them with an excellent example of what not to do.

Sadly, this new horror film is a tedious, uninspiring use of the time that achieves nothing fresh or thrilling. Despite running for 75 minutes, Dashcam's narrative is still too long. Played by indie rock singer Annie Hardy is a musician from Los Angeles who relocates to London and takes her MAGA hat and cell phone to live-stream unplanned performances. Amar Chadha-(Patel's former bandmate) apartment was her ultimate destination.

Livestream spectators cheer Annie on as she screams about mask rules and poor freestyle raps. For his girlfriend, Stretch, it won't take long until she grows bored of the spoilt brat. Because the movie doesn't care much about character development or progress beyond clichés, Stretch is less likely to toss her out. While they are arguing, Annie steals his car and phone.

When Stretch's phone rings with a delivery order, Dashcam starts filming. In a chip store, the proprietor requests Annie to drive an ill woman to another location for a large fee. Even though Annie agrees, the lady quickly escalates her wrath and becomes increasingly risky for Annie's safety. The strange circumstance becomes a fight to the death as Stretch comes upon Annie.

Dashcam Movie Release Date

Savage is influenced by the film Blair Witch Project. Savage, on the other hand, seems to be attempting to make an impact by having a character who is usually obnoxious combat somewhat terrifying creatures, rather than establishing a suspenseful environment.

Alternatively, someone who is simple to despise and transport because of their death. Do not misunderstand, there are plenty of horror films with irritating characters that you want to cheer for. However, Dashcam's attempt to highlight how to split politics are now is neither innovative nor successful due to Annie's irritating demeanor.

Instead, it's a quick and easy method to inflame people's ire. Annie's rude remarks are so one-note and recognizable to anybody who has read a comment section in the previous year and a half that there isn't much to be astonished about — and this is surprising for a film about the internet.

It would not have saved the entire film, but at least Dashcam gave Annie a sense of complexity instead of simply being a dreary vehicle.

Even if the protagonist is a grouch, the most vexing aspect of the film is the plot's direction.

Since Savage's most recent film was Host, he has had an interest in the Zoom-horror genre. The fact that he doesn't appear to want to use the format's tools just serves to increase my annoyance.

Release Date of Dashcam

Dashcam Movie Release Date1

The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine laws sparked a worldwide search for inventive solutions. Director Rob Savage is known for his horror films like Host, which have been well-received.

They recruited him for Dashcam because they saw how well the adventure went and wanted him to produce a new film.

As of currently, there is no official release date for the Dashcam. New footage from the film's trailer demonstrates exactly how terrifying the experience will be. Before it hits theatres and on-demand on June 3rd, you can see the Dashcam trailer below.

The movie “Annie has been live streaming with her followers and converting their comments into rap songs as she drives around downtown Los Angeles during the lockdown.

The pandemic lifestyle has worn on Annie, so she decides to see her former bandmate Stretch in the United Kingdom while live-streaming the entire journey.

Bringing Stretch's girlfriend along on his food delivery job is a pain since she causes chaos and irritates him.

Dashcam Movie Trailer