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A Bit About Dark Harvest: The book takes place on Halloween in 1963 in a small Midwestern town, where teenage boys are eager to fight October Boy, also known as Ol' Hacksaw Face, and Sawtooth Jack, who is armed with a butcher knife.

Quick Facts About Dark Harvest

  • Director: David Slade
  • Screenplay: Michael Gilio
  • Distributed by: United Artists
  • Producers: David Manpearl, Matt Tolmach
  • Production companies: Matt Tolmach Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Dark Harvest Release Date

September 9, 2022

“Dark Harvest” was supposed to come out this fall, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will now come out on September 9, 2022. For a story about Halloween, a date in October might have made more sense, but I'm sure MGM had its reasons.

Dark Harvest Release Date

If you want to watch “Dark Harvest” from the comfort of your own home, the answer might be a little complicated. Variety said that Amazon recently bought MGM, so it seems likely that “Dark Harvest” will only be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

But many of the studio's old movies are still available to stream on other services, and Cnet says that MGM has a deal with ViacomCBS's Paramount+ that lets them stream new movies after they've been in theaters. So, we'll have to wait until next year to see how everything turns out.

What Is Dark Harvest About?

“Dark Harvest” is set in a dead-end Midwestern town where groups of teens try to catch a scary killer every Halloween. He is called Sawtooth Jack, October Boy, and even Ol' Hacksaw Face.

Dark Harvest Release Date

No matter what they call him, everyone knows that he will come out of the cornfields with a butcher knife, and despite the risk, they are willing to take their shot in “an annual rite of life and death” called the Run.

The movie is about Richie Shepard, a guy who is desperate enough to face this monster in hopes of doing what his older brother did the year before: win and get out of their small town. He will work with Kelly Haines, who also wants to leave the small town where she grew up.

We don't know how much the “Dark Harvest” movie will differ from the book because we don't know much about the plot. One different thing is the name of the main character (it was Pete McCormick in the book.) It's also not clear if the movie will be set in 1963, like the book, or if it will be set in a more modern time.

Dark Harvest Cast

Deadline said that Casey Likes and E'myri Crutchfield will play Richie Shepard and Kelly Haines, the two main characters in “Dark Harvest.” Likes are best known for being the first person to play the role of William Miller in “Almost Famous” on stage.

Dark Harvest Release Date

In the upcoming “Spinning Gold” biopic, he will also play Kiss star Gene Simmons. Crutchfield joined the cast of “Fargo” in its fourth season. He has also been in other shows, such as “True Detective.” “Tell Me Your Secrets,” a play on Amazon Prime, was the last time we saw her.

THR reported that Jeremy Davies, Luke Kirby, and Elizabeth Reaser had joined the cast of “Dark Harvest.” Davies is an actor who won an Emmy Award. He has been in a lot of movies and TV shows, from “Saving Private Ryan” to “Hannibal” to “Arrow.” Fans of “Lost” will remember him as Daniel Faraday.

Fans of “Twilight” will know Reaser, who has also been in “Grey's Anatomy” and “The Haunting of Hill House.” Next, he will be in “The Black Phone,” a scary movie by Scott Derrickson. In the last episode of Ryan Murphy's “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” which just aired, she played Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer.

Kirby has been in several TV shows, such as “The Good Fight” and the recent reboot of “Gossip Girl.” In “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” where he played Lenny Bruce so well, he won an Emmy.

Dark Harvest Trailer

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