DanPlan Stephen Face Reveal: Everything to Know About the YouTuber!

Few channels in the enormous universe of YouTube content creation have captivated audiences with the unique blend of animation, storytelling, and companionship that DanPlan has. The channel, led by its charismatic creator, Daniel (Dan) Sy, rose to prominence thanks to its animated storytime videos and interesting material.

Fans, however, have been left in the dark for years regarding the identities behind the channel's animated avatars. The much-awaited DanPlan face reveals recently revealed a glimpse into the personalities that brought these characters to life, eliciting a flood of emotions and debate among fans.

Who is Hosuh Lee?

Hosuh Lee is also known on YouTube as DanPlan Hosuh. Hosuh Lee, a South Korean YouTuber, works with animated monsters on his DanPlan channel. On December 7, 1995, his parents gave birth to Hosuh in South Korea. Joey, Hosuh's younger brother, is his sole sibling. Hosuh Lee also served in the 18-month mandatory military service required of all Korean men.

DanPlan Hosuh grew up in Montreal, Canada, with his family before joining the military. Hosuh began his YouTube career by posting animated comedy videos. In August 2014, he posted his debut movie, “By the Way: Moral of the Pooping Robber.” With his original content, he soon amassed millions of subscribers and fans.

Has Hosuh DanPlan Revealed His Face?

Yes, DanPlan Hosuh, also known as Hosuh Lee, has disclosed his identity. He revealed his face in a 10-second video titled ‘By the wait what? (“facial reveal”)' on March 3, 2018. Hosuh Lee fans were overjoyed to see him arrive and laugh at the end of the 10-second video.

What Is the Real Name of DanPlan Hosuh?

Hosuh Lee is the real name of YouTuber DanPlan Hosuh. Hosuh is not the only creator of the DanPlan channel, but he is a member of the cartoon collaborative channel.


DanPlan Hosuh is 28 years old and will soon celebrate his next birthday. On the 7th of December, the YouTuber will celebrate his next birthday. DanPlan Hosuh is originally from Korea and has Korean nationality.

In August 2021, the Korean YouTuber completed his required military service. DanPlan Hosuh was a resident of Montreal, Canada, prior to his enlistment.

Is DanPlan Hosuh In A Relationship With His Partner?

So far, no verifiable information about DanPlan Hosuh's partner is easily accessible. His past relationship status is also unknown to the general public. Hosuh hasn't spoken publicly about his love life in public yet. In any event, he could be waiting for the right person and the ideal time to start dating.

What Is DanPlan Hosuh's Net Worth?

DanPlan Hosuh's net worth is still being calculated. With over 2 million members on the channel, he must have made a good living so far. The monetized channel's animated collaboration character videos have received millions of views.

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