Danmachi Season 4: Is it Renewed or Not in Year 2022 ?

There's no denying that anime adaptations of light novel series have enjoyed tremendous popularity among fans. For example, the anime adaptation of “The Rising of the Shield Hero” was successful in increasing sales of the original light novel series by a large margin.

And “DanMachi,” written by author Fujino mori, was no exception, as the series' second anime season in 2019, broadcast on Crunchyroll, significantly aided the growth of light book sales in Japan.

In fact, when compared to other light novel series that have profited from an anime adaptation, “DanMachi,” also known as “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon,” took first place, beating out other series such as “Sword Art Online.”

danmachi season 4

This could be due to the capacity of the anime and light book series to blend fantasy adventure with elements of harem humour. The series is centred on the exploits of 14-year-old solo adventurer Bell Cranel, who, after meeting the goddess Hestia, is granted some powers and embarks on a journey around the city of Orario and its connection to the dangerous location known simply as the Dungeon.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by the same author. He aspires to be one of the world's most accomplished adventurers.

So far, Bell's exploits have been translated into three seasons of television. In addition, fans were treated to a special OVA episode in late April, following the conclusion of the third season of the series in 2020, which was broadcast in Japan. The good news is that there will be another season of “DanMachi” for those who missed out on the first season. Here's all we know about the upcoming fourth season.

Who Will be a Part of the DanMachi Season 4 Cast?

As of this writing, the official cast for “DanMachi” Season 4 has not been announced. According to Anime News Network, Season 3 had a voice cast that has previously appeared in prior seasons. As a result, we can definitely expect a large portion of the cast to return next season.

It was only in Season 3 that the new character Weiss was introduced, who made her first appearance in the Season 2 finale and was extensively featured in the season after that. Rina Hidaka provided the voice for her.

danmachi season 4

Inori Minase will reprise her role as Hestia, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will reprise his role as Bell Cranell, Saori nishi will reprise her role as Ais Wallenstein, Haruka Tomatsu will reprise her role as Eina Tulle, Yoko Hikasa will reprise her role as Freya, and Sma Sait will reprise her role as Hermes.

JC Staff is the animation company that has created all of the past seasons as well as the original animated television series (OVAs). They were also responsible for the animation for the film “Arrow of Orion.” The likelihood is that they will return for Season 4 is very high.

In addition, according to Anime News Network, Hideki Tachibana directed the third season and has been in charge of the show since the second season, when he took over for Yoshiki Yamakawa. Unless something is declared to the contrary, it seems expected that he will return to direct the following season.

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What Exactly is the Storyline of DanMachi Season 4?

DanMachi Season 4 has yet to receive an official plot outline, which is understandable. The teaser trailer, on the other hand, does provide some hints as to what the main focus of the upcoming edition of the anime will be.

The teaser really goes back in time and shows off some of Bell's previous adventures throughout the series, while also managing to match much of what Bell discovers he wants for himself by the end of the third season, which is rather impressive.

After losing a battle against the formidable Asterius in the Season 3 finale and reuniting with Ais for some additional training, the adventurer is determined to become even more powerful in Season 4. Season 4 will undoubtedly feature him on his journey to become a better person.

Volumes 9 through 11 of the light novel series were adapted for DanMachi's third season. A season 4 adaptation of the novels is likely, as Volume 12 of the series truly sets the stage for the beginning of a new journey for Bell. In Volume 12, after rising through the ranks and earning the respect of Orario, Bell receives a letter inviting him to join a new mission. Season 4 will almost certainly feature an animated version of Bell's search for his father.

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When Will Danmachi Season 4 Be Released?

Season 4 of the popular anime series will premiere in 2022, and it has been confirmed that DanMachi will return for yet another adventure in the series.

However, another teaser trailer only mentions that this will take place in 2022 and gives no additional indication as to what year or year and month the film would be released.

danmachi season 4

The first two seasons aired over a four-year period, but the third season premiered in July of this year, barely five months after it was first stated that the series would return. The third season would begin airing in July 2020, around eight months after the show was officially renewed for a fourth season.

In the event that development continues at the same rate as Season 3, it is reasonable to expect DanMachi Season 4 to air in July 2022, during the height of the summer anime broadcasting season.

If we learn anything new regarding DanMachi season 4, we'll make sure to update this site accordingly.

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