Dancer Stephanie Bissonnette Died at the Age of 32 from Brain Cancer

Dancer, choreographer, and teacher Stephanie Bissonnette, 32, passed away recently. She made her Broadway debut in the cast of Mean Girls. The tragic news was tweeted out by the Mean Girls account on December 18 morning.

Since 2019, while appearing in Mean Girls on Broadway, Bissonnette has been fighting medulloblastoma, a kind of brain cancer typically encountered in youngsters. She stayed with the company until COVID-19 shut down Broadway, and was later featured in the documentary Ensemble, which followed Broadway dancers dealing with the impact of the epidemic.

The 32-year-old dancer “filled our theater with her humor and camaraderie, inspired us with her battling spirit and bravery, and graced our stage with the fiercest talent Broadway has ever known,” as the show puts it.

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After nine months of receiving surgery and radiation treatment for the disease, Bissonnette made her return to “Mean Girls” in 2019. Due to the global spread of the COVID pandemic, the show ended in March 2020.

Dancer Stephanie Bissonnette Died

On the anniversary of her surgery, she said her castmates toasted her with champagne in the locker room. According to Playbill, Bissonnette taught contemporary musical theater dance at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and was involved in performance charities such as Broadway Bares. She also starred in “Ensemble,” a documentary on Broadway dancers released a year after COVID was shut down, in which she was one of the main subjects.

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Dancer Stephanie Bissonnette Cause of Death

Although Bissonnette's exact cause of death is still a mystery, in 2019 he had to take time away from the program after being diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a rare brain disease generally prevalent in young children. Bissonnette first gained attention as a performer on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, after which she relocated to New York to begin a career as a dance teacher and choreographer. Bissonnette shared a photo of herself getting ready to dance in her farewell Instagram post on July 15.