Daisy Cakes Net Worth 2022: Is She Still in Business?

Famous actor Daisy Cakes was born on September 9, 2005, in the United Kingdom.

Daisy Cakes is a Tiongkok presenter, performer, and actor. It is most known for playing Mei-Xue in the 2014 Taiwanese fantasy film Tiongkok Balala the Fairies: The Magic Trial.

Ia became well-known on TV after using a regulation feature during the national broadcast of System Penyiaran Hunan Playing Tricks (), which was on Uniworld Satellite TV.

Daisy has become a resource for big-ticket items like ANTA Sports. Daisy was born in Reading, Berkshire, England, but moved to Changsha, Hunan, three years ago.

Name Daisy Cakes
Company Net Worth: Estimated – $3 million*
Pitch: Hand-Sifted Made To Order Cakes
Entrepreneur: Kim Nelson
Asked For: $50,000 for 25%
Deal: $50,000 for 25%
Shark: Barbara Corcoran

How Much Money Did Daisy Cakes Make After Appearing on Shark Tank?

According to leedaily, Daisy Cakes has a $3 million net worth.

Daisy Cakes Net Worth

The Daisy Cakes website failed shortly after her episode aired due to the 75,000 hits it received in only 3 minutes.

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Two thousand cakes were sold in just one day. 4 hours passed with no activity on the webpage. She had actually already sold almost 5000 cakes. In just two months, 25,000 cakes were produced.

Daisy Cakes' domestic origin has a significant impact on its net worth. In New Jersey, even the pans are expertly manufactured. The company currently employs around 240 people.

She moved to a bigger location at first, opening stores in Savannah, Nashville, and even The Bronx. However, the facility moved back to South Carolina after experiencing contract and quality problems.

How many Daisy cakes have been sold?

In the last eight years, Daisy Cakes has sold more than 120,000 cakes, and the figure is still rising.

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Kim and Barbara worked tirelessly to help the business reach $3 million in revenue the previous year.

What Happened After the Show?

Within 24 hours of the Shark Tank program airing, Daisy Cakes received 2,000 orders.

Daisy Cakes Net Worth

Taking into account that they typically sell this many units annually. They experienced physical and monetary distress.

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Kim established her business in Savannah, The Bronx, and Nashville after searching for a bigger facility to bake the cake.

She had to shift production back to South Carolina due to quality control and contractual concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daisy Cakes Still in Business?

Nelson Creates Daisy's “Cake in a Jar” Minikins for Individuals Who Like a Portable Sweet Treat to Munch on the Go. She is Working With Goldbelly, an Online Gourmet Food Store, to Send Her Cakes Around the Country as She Expands Her Company.

How is Daisy Cakes Faring Right Now?

Currently, Kim Nelson of Daisy Cakes Sells 18,000 Cakes Annually. A Million-dollar Enterprise Was Created by Kim “Daisy” Nelson Using an Old Family Recipe for Cake. Her Pauline, South Carolina-based Bakery, Daisy Cakes, is Well-known for Its Hand-sifted, Home-baked Cakes, Which Are Being Distributed Across the Country.

Who is Daisy Cakes' Owner?

This Evening, the Brand-new Food Network Programme Chopped Sweets Features Kim Nelson, the Proprietor of Daisy Cakes, Which Operates a Bakery in Las Vegas. Every Episode of the New Chopped Spin-off Has a Challenge Using Sweets and Mystery Ingredient Baskets.


Shark Tank does indeed have success. Our analysis of Daisy Cakes' net worth in 2021 reveals a thriving company that generates profits.