Daily & Weekly Tasks in FFXIV

We saw the New Changes of FFXIV patch 6.18, now is the time to dig into the game itself and talk about the best daily and weekly tasks in FFXIV that are sure to give you enough amount of FFXIV Gil and other useful material that you can trade with the vendors to earn more Gils. How does that sound?

We’re starting with the Daily Tasks first.

Daily Roulettes

QoL Request: Seeing which Duty Roulettes were already completed (without  having to click each line) would make dailies better! : r/ffxiv

The best daily task to give out the most number of gils are Daily Roulette. You get a daily bonus in the duty finder. You will get duties like trials, dungeons, alliance raids, and normal raids. Note that a player can get a reward from duty once, so better not to waste any time repeating the duties. If you are not sure which duties you have done, check out your duty finder.

Upon reaching the maximum level, you will unlock Expert Roulette which will give you the most recent maximum level duties. That being said, Daily roulette is the most effective way to level up as it gives a player experience points for each duty completed.

Beast Tribe Quests

FFXIV ARR: Beast Tribes Reputation 2.1 | Crazy.Apple

You get 12 Beast tribe quests in a day and completing them gives an ample amount of Beast tribe reputation points, XP Points, Minions and mounts. The more beast tribe reputation points you get, the more new vendors you unlock. This will open up more ways for you to purchase valuable items such as Furnishings. After Heavensward, there will only be a single set of three quests per day.

We insist that you do the Shadowbringers Tribe quests because you can trade rewards will high-level currencies which will help you more once the new patch comes out. Plus, these quests will give you enough XP points for your level 70+ jobs.

Mini Cactpot

In the Mini Cactpot, you can get three cards every day from the Mini Cactpot Broker in the Gold Saucer and play this brief game, which is similar to scratch lottery tickets. It can be found in Entrance Square, next to the Aetheryte Plaza.

Even if you lose, you'll still get some MGP, and if you're lucky, it might be as much as 10,000 MGP per card. If you're desperate for the best possible odds of winning the jackpot, you can use one of the Mini Cactpot Solvers you may discover online. For me, it's more exciting (and time-efficient) to figure things out on my own.

Retainer Ventures

There are other varieties of Ventures, but in my opinion, a “daily” Venture is one that lasts no more than 18 hours and focuses on research. It's a quick and easy task that you may do once a day to see positive results.

You will receive some Gil pieces and some goods that could be useful in crafting or trading. Since there are many possible applications for ventures, you may assign your retainers the responsibility of going on daily exploration missions to bring back useful resources, shards, or random delights.

When you log out, you might as well assign the retainers to the 18-hour open exploration of the field, highland, woodland, or waterside. Additionally, you'll always be in a safe haven, allowing you to gain Rested Experience even when you're not actively playing.

Now, let’s put some light on the Weekly Tasks.

Savage Reclears

These gruelling endgame fights drop some of the greatest equipment for max-level careers. You must clear all four bouts in order each week to win rewards each. Let’s say if you enter a higher-level duty, then it will count your lower fights as done but you won't get their rewards until the weekly reset.

Each week's savage loot drops are limited. Each fight earns one ‘page' or ‘book' per week. You can also roll on dropped equipment. You swap pages for equipment from an NPC vendor.

You can finish a fight as many times as you want, but only your first clears of the week will get drops. If you're new to the tier, don't expect to accomplish all four fights the first time. Since many players only run these bouts once a week, you'll see more on Tuesday (the reset day) and again on the weekend. These are the optimal times to use Party Finder to practise, clear, or re clear fights.

Fashion Report

If you want to see a steady stream of points added to your MGP account, you should enter the Fashion Report every week. The 60,000 MGP for an 80+ is easy to obtain and can be increased by utilising a Gold Saucer VIP Card or similar item.

The weekly topic and any relevant hints will be posted at the Gold Saucer following the server reset on Tuesday, but you won't be able to submit your work for evaluation until Friday. If you don't succeed at first, don't worry; you have multiple chances.

Each week, u/kaiyoko posts a new Fashion Report to the FFXIV subreddit, complete with an incredible infographic detailing the kind of clothing that will get you the most scores.

Challenge Log

Challenge Log | Final Fantasy XIV Guidebook

Combat experience, non-combat experience, companion experience, MGP, and a number of other currencies can all be reliably obtained through the Challenge Log. Doing most of the tasks will get you a substantial amount of gil, which is always welcome.

You have the freedom to determine the depth to which you immerse yourself in this endeavour each week, as well as the areas in which you want to focus your energy in order to achieve the most meaningful results. Those who enjoy player against player encounters can take part in a variety of tests. There are many MGP prizes in the Gold Saucer category. There is a wide variety of tests in Eureka that can help you level up faster.

Wondrous Tails

Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire will have a new Wondrous Tails diary available every Tuesday once you reach level 60. Since you can hand in the previous week's entry and get credit for the current week's journal, you have theoretically been given two weeks to do it. The due date for your current journal should appear near the window's top.

This is a fantastic and versatile way to gain access to a variety of cosmetic rewards, Tomestones, MGP, Materia, and even Combat EXP. Each week, you'll be given a laundry list of tasks to perform, and the payoff will depend on your personal preference. While your chances of winning more prizes in the bingo-style notebook game are higher, you are assured of receiving at least one award simply for completing it.

Ending Note

On that note, it’s time to wrap this little presentation up. Hope you find it useful. Do you know there are FFXIV settings and tricks that make your experience better? We have a guide for that, check that out if you want to simplify your gameplay a bit.

Moving on, it’s time for me to take leave. See you soon in another such FFXIV guide. Good Bye!