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D P Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Storyline, Trailer & Much More!

D P Season 2 Release Date: The film was made by Kim Dong-min, D.P. a South Korean TV show that you can watch online. It is based on the webcomic D.P. Dog's Day by Kim Bo-tong. Kim and Han Jun-hee also wrote the script together. Han and Byun Seung-min are also the show's executive producers.

IMDb gives the show a score of 8.3/10. Kim Dong-min makes the show, and Park Min-sun is in charge of editing it. The show has been picked up for a second season because it has gotten good reviews. Read the whole article to find out everything about D P's second season.

D.P's Second Season Release Date

In its first season, D.P. The first episode aired in August 2021, and in December 2021, the show was picked up for a second season. Since this is the case, the second season is likely to come out at the end of 2022.

D P Season 2 Release Date

Like Season 1, the new season is likely to have six episodes, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. The creators haven't said anything else about the second season yet. We'll add more information to this page if we find out more.

What Can We Expect From D.P's Second Season?

In its second season, D.P. will have to deal with the effects of the terrible events that happened at the end of season 1. After being picked on over and over again, Suk Bong snapped. He took Hwang Jang-Soo hostage and planned to kill him.

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Suk Bong doesn't kill Hwang because of what Detective Na does, but Jun-Ho had to stop him from beating the deserter too much. In a quick turn of events, Suk Bong was able to get Detective Han's gun and chase after Hwang to finish what Hwang had started.

Han begged Suk Bong to stop and offered to look into the accusations against Hwang and his unit in detail. Even though Han and Jun-Ho tried to help, armed military police guards showed up and surrounded Suk-Bong.

D P Season 2 Release Date

Suk Bong didn't think he had much of a choice, so he shot himself in the head, but the bullet hit his neck instead of his head. He was left to bleed out in pain and call for his mother as he died.

After what happened with Suk Bong, Jun-Oh does something drastic and leaves his unit and commanding officer. Jun-Oh decides to leave the army even though he still has more than 500 days to go.

Who Can We Expect to See in D.P's Second Season?

Role Cast Member
Private – Ahn Joon Ho Jung Hae In
Corporal – Han Ho Yul Koo Kyo Hwan
Sergeant First Class – Park Bum Goo Kim Sung Kyun
Captain- Im Ji Sup Son Seok Koo
Hwang Jang Soo Shin Seung Ho
Ryu Yi Kang Hong Kyung
Jung Hyun Min Lee Jun Young

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Trailer for Season 2 of D.P.

The creators of D.P. Season 2 have not put out a trailer yet. In the next few months, a first look or teaser is likely to come out. Before then, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below:

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