Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill File For Divorce After 2 Years Marriage!

Since Cynthia Bailey's debut on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2010, her fans have wanted nothing more than for her to find lasting joy on the show. She was a regular cast member up until 2021 when she decided to quit. Due to her departure from the cast, Bailey was only seen in reruns during season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2022).

In 2020, Bailey tied the knot with actor Mike Hill. Although Bailey was married to Peter Thomas for the entirety of the show's run, they eventually divorced. She was apprehensive to marry Hill but ultimately made the right decision. We regret to inform you that Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Hill have divorced. Why did Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill decide to end their marriage after only two years?

Who Is Cynthia Bailey?

Real-life show star Cynthia Bailey. She gained fame after appearing on the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She got engaged to Peter Thomas and joined the cast in 2010, at which time she made her debut. In the third season of the popular Bravo show, they had their wedding aired. Gizelle Bryant denied reports that her ex-husband was seeing another woman.

Bailey has decided to exit The Real Housewives of Atlanta after 11 years on the show. Bailey has not ruled out a comeback to the show and has said, “Honesty, I have had a fantastic run,” when asked by Entertainment Tonight about her decision to leave.

Who Is Mike Hill?

Mike Hill hosts a sports-themed chat program on television. While covering high school football in Nashville, Tennessee, in the late 1990s, he earned two Emmys for his work. Hill has put some time at both ESPN and Fox Sports throughout the years.

Hill frequently appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta while she was with Cynthia Bailey. However, he did not make as many public appearances as his other husbands because he spent most of his time working in Los Angeles and New York. He made his marriage vows to Bailey in 2019, and the couple tied the knot a year later in October 2020.

Steve Harvey Is The Reason That Bailey And Hill Met

There must be a way for famous people from diverse fields of show business to interact. There's always the mystery of how two such disparate characters can find up together. Steve Harvey, host of “Family Feud,” is responsible for introducing Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill to each other.

cynthia and mike divorce

It was planned that Bailey and Hill would appear on The Steve Harvey Show in April of 2018. They became close during their time together on site. Later that year, Bailey and Hill went public with their relationship. No one suspected Steve Harvey's hidden talent as a matchmaker.

After Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey Decided to Give Up on Marriage

Cynthia Bailey‘s first husband, Peter Thomas, died before Mike Hill entered the scene. Despite their best efforts to work through their marriage problems, they finally parted ways in 2016. The Real Housewives of Atlanta emphasized their difficulties.

In the wake of her split with Thomas, Bailey developed strong anti-marriage sentiments. “I don't know whether I'd ever get married again,” she remarked of her feelings toward marriage. In an interview with Us Weekly, she admitted, “I'd just given up on the whole marriage thing,” before adding, “Now, my response has changed.”

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Mike Hill's Proposal at the Bailey Wine Cellar's Grand Opening

Cynthia Bailey is a successful entrepreneur in addition to her role as one of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Hill utilized Bailey's success in launching The Bailey Wine Cellar as an opportunity to express his affection for and commitment to his partner.

On July 1, 2019, in Atlanta, The Bailey Wine Cellar first opened its doors. Hill presented Bailey with a beautiful ring and popped the question during the event's launch. Her many adoring fans rejoiced at the news that in 2020, Bailey would finally tie the knot.

Do Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey Have Children?

Since Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill did not have any children together, they will not have to fight over child custody when they eventually split up. The children from their prior partnerships are older and are shared by both parties. Bailey is the proud parent of a single daughter named Noelle. Her father is Bailey's ex-boyfriend Leon Robinson, hence she was born in 1999.

cynthia and mike divorce

Hill also fathered his own children. From his two prior marriages, he has spawned two children. Kayla and Ashleé are his two little daughters' names.

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Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill's Divorce Was Precipitated by Long-distance

Fans wondered if Cynthia Bailey's rumors of Mike Hill's adultery were true when the couple announced their separation. With a swift “there was no infidelity to my knowledge,” Bailey put an end to the allegations. After we got married, Mike stopped having sex with other women.

Instead, it's the fact that Bailey and Hill were never very happy together that led to the end of their marriage. The exes still hold a great deal of affection and respect for one another. Neither Bailey nor Hill wanted to continue wasting time on a doomed romance.

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