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Developed on the BSC, CyberTrade is a free-to-play P2E game set in Metropolis in the year 2101. Your goal in this game is to rule over a metropolis that has been transformed into a metaverse. At least 191,957 people have signed up thus far, according to the company's official website.

More than 50,000 people have signed up for CyberTrade's pre-registration program already.

NFT P2E game CyberTrade is set in a futuristic cyber-like world. In CyberTrade, you can play with a variety of fighters, goods, race cars, and bosses, all of which are represented as NFTs. The game's first modes include team battles and drag races.

In Metropolit, or the city of sin, which has been taken over by large companies following a technological revolution, you can play and fight special characters.

In the year 2101, companies control a wide range of industries, including weapons, robotics, pharmaceuticals, and communications. As a result, many people wind up on the streets of Metropolis with no hope of finding suitable employment because most of them operate illegally.

Become a character in a unique online universe and a crypto-immersive experience with a magnificent storyline. There will be much more to CyberTrade than just a visually stunning setting and brand new NFTs in the shape of people, vehicles, and other merchandise.

There Are Many Advantages for Early Adopters

We know how much you enjoy getting into games early, and it's difficult to get into games any earlier than this. As a result, the IGO on Seedify began earlier this week with prices of 5 cents and 7 cents, and they are currently running a $5000 cash contest.

Moreover, Polkastarter is hosting a whitelist giveaway, in which they are giving away three spaces to new investors, which will allow you to get in even more opportunities even faster.

Team With a Lot of Experience

QORPO is the game designer, and they have a well-versed crew on their side. This team is part of a multinational company that focuses on bridging the gap between gaming and cryptocurrencies and non-financial tokens. In addition, QORPO is one of Central Europe's most prominent players in the metaverse. They are currently developing in the NFT universe, with three live products — Trade Race Manager 2, QORPO Wallet, and QORPO Market — as part of their ongoing development.


Check out our Trade Racer Manager guide, which promises that you may earn $200 per day by simply playing the game. Interested? It received a slew of positive responses.

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As a result, what you receive with this new game is a staff that is already experienced in game development. And they gained valuable lessons from their past experiences, as well as from their missteps, the first time around.

It's Entertaining, and the Graphics Are Stunning

There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the “Play to Earn” option. We'd like to think you can make money playing games while also having fun. A lot of effort has been put into the Metaverse graphics provided by QORPO.

In the Metaverse, you're a crypto-citizen; in Metropolit, you're a citizen and you can take part in:

  • Governance
  • Citadels
  • Purge and Rugpull Zone
  • Use the Portal

In addition, you only need one character to begin playing. Since the gateway feature provides direct access to NFTs, you can purchase them.

Once you reach Citizen Rank, you get access to a total of ten zones in the game. And then there's that Purge thing we talked about earlier. You're free to rob, plunder, and murder anyone in that district, but you're also free to do the same to them.

Outstanding Partners

When starting a new enterprise, it is critical to have high-quality partners and lead investors. They understand that great investments require patience, and they give an investment like a game like CyberTrade the time it needs to create a community in order to flourish and expand.


Binance Smart Chain, Momentum 6, Maven Capital, VBC Ventures, and other companies are among those that have partnered with us. These, as well as the two high-grade launchpads, Seedify and Polkastarter, are evidence that quality recognizes quality in the marketplace.

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Based on Binance Smart Chain

Is it possible for you to tell me what is going on with Solana? Each of the last three months has seen the network fall down for at least 48 hours at some point. Their problem is one that they have to deal with on a regular basis.

Whatever you want to say about BSC is fine with me. We all know that Binance has too much of a centralized effect on it due to the fact that it only has 21 validators, yet it never has any downtime and it is simple to run a game on.

Additionally, we believe it is a wise decision, and we believe that others should be running on BSC as well. Add to that the fact that a game can generate a token that is compliant with both the BEP-20 and ERC-20 standards, which only makes it easier to purchase, as CyberTrade is doing with $CCASH.

Many Ways to Earn Cash!

To recap, you can make money by staking CASH. You can also make money by:

  • Drag Racing
  • Fighting
  • Charging Rents for use of your building or land
  • Daily Activities
  • Quests
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Mining NFTs
  • Governance Rewards
  • And even an affiliate program

There are numerous ways to acquire CCASH, and as the popularity of the game develops, so may the supply.


There you have it: the action-packed and visually stunning CyberTrade. There are numerous ways to obtain $CCASH, the game's in-game cash. When it comes to designing a game that people will want to play again and again, we admire the team's experience and dedication.

If you're a fan of games, NFTs, Metaverse, or even amazing Layer 1 blockchains for investment, we've got you covered.

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