Curoca says Copa America players do not need a vaccine

Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero said the players competing today USA Cup You do not need to be vaccinated against Govt-19 to participate in the tournament. According to Guerrero, other competitions are already taking place in Brazil without the need for an immunization agent, and some health regulations make it possible to run the competition.

According to the Minister, all athletes will be tested daily and will be in a restricted health environment to avoid contamination. Corona virus. According to figures released by the ministry, The Brazil today has 474,414 thousand deaths per Govt-19, And 16,984,218 cases since the onset of the epidemic. 1,010 people have lost their lives in the last 24 hours.

“The need for vaccines that occur at the Olympics, although they are not comparable events, is that the Olympics need a vaccine. If they need a vaccine at that time, they will not have immunity until the start of the competition. It needs to have happened without these competitions. Impose the vaccine problem. Those who are vaccinated, the better. The vaccine can cause some sort of reaction and can compromise the competitive pace of the athlete. Control measures, through RT-PCR testing, ”he told a news conference.

The minister argued that vaccination at this time could compromise the progress of the competition. “Vaccination is not a dump. Those who have been vaccinated are better off, but now there is no attempt to vaccinate. Because the vaccine can cause a reaction, it can compromise the competitive rhythm of the players. .Will be, “he said.

According to the competition's operational coordinator Andre Petrinelli, Six teams have already been vaccinated, and two teams complete the vaccination this week.

Regarding the crowd of fans who may be competing in restaurants or banquets, the minister stressed that it is the responsibility of states and municipalities to inspect.

“The study is being carried out by states and municipalities. The Ministry of Health has not been able to inspect 5,570 municipalities in Brazil. The word of the Ministry of Health is consistent with non-pharmacological practices. Can they cheer? But they can. But they have to go by the rules of hygiene. Can you cheer in your home? .

“It simply came to our notice then [contato com governos], Not only in connection Football. These clusters are independent of football. Needless to say: football creates the crowd. Secret party, you [imprensa] They closed it there. This is something that everyone is responsible for, and health officials should monitor these activities on a regular basis so that we can prevent the spread of the virus. Naturally, we are going to guide the municipal authorities to oversee these activities to avoid these mergers, ”he concluded.

Actions announced during the press conference:

– Social exclusion;

– Charter flights;

– Use of private buses;

– Restricting departures from hotels where choices are concentrated;

– Regulation of staff communicating with representatives;

– Insulated rooms and separate floors in dormitories;

– RT-PCR examination every 48 hours;

– Rapid antigen testing between RT-PCR tests;

– Daily questionnaire of all delegates