Cruciro: ‘Som’ frame socks in Concio’s tactical plan

(Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruciro)

The Copa del Rey seeks to qualify for Brazil’s 16th round Ship This Wednesday, at 7pm, at the Atato Mores Stadium in Juasero (PA), face Juvasironos for the third round return match. That trend Felipe Concio Watch the team at 4-3-3 with three defensive midfielders, two sprint strikers from the wings and one reference athlete in the big area. This was the plan the coach used for most of the season's 18 games.

In 2021, Cruciro saw Adriano as the head of the field, with Matthews Barboza in the right half and Rumulo falling to the left. During the attack, Concio often saw Bruno Jose, Airten and Raphael Sophis. The team cheered 1-0 in the ninth round of the Minas Gerais Championship against Atletico on April 11 in Minneapolis. However, the dismissal for the United States in the state semifinals and the start of Series B with defeats in the first two rounds showed defensive impact and called into question the commander’s choice.

Meanwhile, players with frame characteristics, such as Marginho and Gladinho, lost their place on the team, to the point of leaving the bench. The team still includes 20-year-old Marco Antonio, who was watched by the current coach for just 15 minutes in an official confirmation – a 1-0 win over Puso Alegre on April 18, in the 10th round of the state, at the penalty spot at Montsu Stadium south of Minas.

Of the three, Markinho had the most chances at Cruciro. In 12 games – eight as a starter – he scored a goal in the 2-0 win over URT on March 6 at the Arena do Jaguar in Seth Lagos, in the 3rd round of the miniro. In terms of positioning, the player had difficulty playing in the open on the left side and lost his place to Rumulo, in traditional Italian clubs (Fierrantina, Verona, Juventus, Napoli, Genoa and Barry).

Dissatisfied, Markinho told the committee that he wanted to withdraw from Concio's plans and negotiate. He spoke with CSA, its football manager Rodrigo Pastana. With the signing of Bastana by Cruciro to replace Andr Musso, who signed with Santos, the technical team agreed to give the midfielder another chance. The expectation is that there will be some variations in the tactical plan, so that in 2020 the athlete scored eight goals and gave five assists in 37 games for Zambo Cora in Serie B.

On May 9, 3-1, in Independence, Marquinho made his last appearance on the field in Crucifixion, upside down against the United States. Cladino was also part of the determination, leaving the bench in the 44th minute of the second half. Feroviria's expression, from Cho Palo, is that the 20-year-old wants to work at the center, which is not ideal for leftists. The athlete, who has been a member of the Celeste team for more than a year, has not netted in the 22 matches he has played. With Felipe Concio, there were eight appearances (two in the starting lineup).

(Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro)

Even with Concio’s desire for three defensive midfielders, Cruciro negotiated with Eason Guzmn from Envicado in mid-April. The 23-year-old accepted the offer, which was also announced by the club, but withdrew from going to Belo Horizonte under the influence of his manager Gormac Valdebenito. In Colombia, Jason is rated as a fast transition point guard, with good game vision and not being unbalanced with each other. He also excels in intermittent submissions and assistance. According to Soccerway, the shirt played in 10 132 games and scored 28 goals for the club, which also revealed star James Rodriguez.

After all, does the team need a point guard or not?

The debate over whether or not Cruciro should hire a ship owner (or change the plan and use the available parts in the cast) is not limited to fan conversations on social networks. Participates live on the channel Affiliated ClubOn May 18, President Sergio Santos Rodriguez pointed out that there was no such shortage in the group to compete in Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

“Many people comment on football without knowing it. Sometimes he says, ‘Ah, 10 shirts are missing in Cruciro’. But in his sport style (Concio) he doesn’t have 10 shirts. Felipe plays 4-3-3, with a fixed steering wheel and two steering wheels hitting back at all times. Rather than having a creative shirt on you, as we say, he wants more who runs, who comes, who gets the score, who gets back to the scores. So, these are different game style profiles. He plays as he pleases, holds the ball and strikes a lot. ”

On the other hand, former player Tircio Lopez – the 1966 Brazil Davin champions' jersey 10 and the second best scorer in Cruciro's history, with 228 goals – concludes with a lack of a point guard with play-building qualities and good points.

“What caught my attention was a popular 10 shirt, the team needed a thinker. Despite this, I see evolution in the team. Before, there was absolutely nothing. Today, I can still see the structure. Revelations are coming, but there is a big flaw in the offensive field,” he said. Said Tirciu Supersports.

“Cruziro needs a thinker, 10 shirts. Rumulo is a good player, but acting as a guard is not his role. I think there are fans like you noticed in the press,” he added.

(Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro)

Thanks to Rmulo, who is very close to the profile of the shirt 10, as highlighted by Tirzi Lopez, in kick kick and corner kicks, basil game and quality read. In Italy, the 34-year-old senior has always played in a row with four men in midfield, which is a little different than playing at Cruziro.

J Mathieu Barbosa has been less efficient in the distribution of the game, however he is living a good moment on the attack, emerging as the team’s highest scorer in 2021, scoring four goals (three heads) in 18 games. Finally, the Adriano is safe for making vertical passes and holding the ball, but the finish is the main foundation that needs to be improved.


In previous clubs, Felipe Concio has already “opened” the guard. In the United States, who finished fifth in the Serie B in 2019, with 61 points, Z defined a consistent midfield with Ricardo, Juninho and Willian Maranho, while Matteo Cino, Felipe Acevedo and Jr. Viosa were all part of the attacking trio. In Bracandino, in 2020, coach Gladinho (who later scored 18 goals for the Brazilians) left the bench at the Campionado Ballista.

Concio took the risk in a 4-1-4-1 match against CRP in Cruciro, Minerva, on Sunday. He put Fleo on the control wheel and left Raful Sophis to float as a guard with Rmulus. Airten and Bruno Jose performed their usual striker duties while Gilherm Bisoli was at the center.

Dangerously, Cruziro lived up to expectations with 22 submissions (nine towards the goal) and scored with Arton, Ramon and Matthias Barbosa, in addition to demanding key interventions from CRP goalkeeper Diego Silva. However, the team made several mistakes in the back and leaked four times – Lucas Firana made no saves. The 4-3 defeat increased the pressure on Felipe Concio’s results and left the team below Serie B without adding any points.