Cruciro officially hires technician Mozart to sign Series B – Radio Itachia finale

Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro
Bruno Hadot / Cruise

Cruciro officially announced the hiring of coach Mozart this Thursday. New coach Philippe Concino is coming to the vacancy following the shooting for this Wednesday (9) night, following the removal of the club for Juarez in the third leg of the Copa du Brazil.

Mozart, 41, has signed a contract until the end of Serie B, who will lead the Celeste team in training on Friday, already scheduled for 3:30 pm in Doka da Rabosa II.

In addition to Mozart, assistant Denis Iwamura and physical trainer Jackson Magel Schwenger are also coming to Cruziro.

The talks were hosted by football director Rodrigo Bastana, who has worked with coaches at C கோரிrdoba and CSA. Mozart will make his debut in the third round of the Serie B du Brasilro on Saturday (12), against the Cois, at 9pm, in Minneapolis.

After the early fall of the Copa du Brazil, Cruziro hopes that Mozart will be able to put the team back on track to win ways to gain access to Serie A in 2022, as Fox have yet to earn points in Serie B. Two games and two defeats.

Looking back at Mozart in Serie B, one of the factors that led to the appointment of Cruziro as coach. In 2020, he captured CSA in the final of the 11th round. The Alagoas-based club had eight points from 10 games.

In 28 games under Mozart, CSA have amassed 14 wins, eight draws and six defeats. He scored 50 points out of a possible 84, and a win from Serie A.

The technician's last job was at Chapcoins, which was short-lived. Between March and April of this year, Mozart led the Santa Catarina team to eight games, with three wins, three draws and two defeats (50% profit). He left the club after losing the Santa Catarina Championship to Avaz.

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