(Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro)

This Saturday, Cruciro released a list of 23 players related to the fight against the CRP. The match is valid for the 2nd round Series B of the Brazil Championship, Is scheduled for this Sunday, 18:15 a.m. in Minneapolis.

Goalkeeper Ebio and defensive midfielder Adriano were absent, losing 3-1 to Confiana in the first round. Secunda Diviso. Midfielder Marcino, negotiating Termination of contract, Follows from the relationship.

On the other hand, defender Joseph and defensive midfielder Flavio are once again options. Last Thursday, the two were eliminated in Cruciro's 1-0 win over Juacirens. Brazil Cup, For already wearing the USA shirt in the knockout match.

For the match against CRP, this edition of Series B will mark the introduction of Cruciro in Miniro, which is likely Ship Lucas Firana; Cicero, Joseph, Ramon and Matthias Pereira; Flavio (Matthias Neris), Matthias Barbosa and Rmulo; Bruno Jose, Airten and Rafael Sophis (Gilherm Bisoli).

See the list below for 23 related to Cruciro for the game against CRB:

Goalkeepers: Lucas Firana and Witter Uts

Pages: Kaiki, Matthias Pereira and Raul Cicero

Defenders: Joseph, Eduardo Brock, Palo, Ramon and Weverton

Flyers: Flavio, Jatson, Matthias Barbosa, Matthias Neris

Midfielders: Cladinho, Marco Antonio and Rmulo

Attackers: Airton, Bruno Jose, Felipe Augusto, Gilherm Bisoli, Raphael Sophis and Stnio