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With a hi-fi rating of the first campaign, it came to an end on 12th October 2017. People were waiting for the second campaign. Finally, in 2018 the campaign got its sequel.

Here is some information you need to know about it.

Matthew Mercer is the creator of the fantasy web series that got released on 12th March 2015.

The production companies involved in the making of the series are Geek & Sundry and Critical Role Productions.

The original network of the web series is Youtube and Twitch.

It has completed a total number of 115 episodes in Campaign 1 and 141 episodes in Campaign 2.

critical role campain 2

What Is the Plotline of the Second Campaign of Critical Role?

Talking about the campaign, it is set in a fictional world called Sandra. Matthew Mercer is the creator of the game. The story is mostly taking place in the same region where the first campaign took place, which is on the continent of Wildemount. It is set at the time of very high conflicts and tensions between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty.

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The seven adventurers form an adventuring party in the town of Trostenwald. They have the charge of false accuse over themselves. After clearing their names, they have a plan to go to Zadash. They will accompany a local rebellion and will introduce themselves to the crime lord named the Gentleman. The Empire initiates a war against the other dynasty, while Mighty Nein refuses to be a part of it and continues his journey out of the Empire.

While playing the whole game, many different tasks given by the Grandmaster were need to be fulfilled. Many people were also provided help on the journey. The story plot is all about the game and Dungeons and Dragons. If you want to find more about it, then you should watch the show.

critical role campain 2

The Release Date: When Was The Second Campaign Of The Critical Role Came Into Existence For The Audience?

The first episode of the second campaign got released on 11th January 2018. ItThe Release Date: When Was the Second Campaign of the Critical Role Came Into Existence for the Audience? consisted of 141 episodes that ran for approximately 3.5 years. The last episode of the show got telecasted on 3rd June 2021. The original network of the web series is Twitch, YouTube, and Alpha.

What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The Second Campaign Of The Series Critical Role?

The second campaign consisted of seven players and a single Dungeon Master. The names of the artists and characters are mentioned here.

Dungeon Master, played by Matthew Mercer, is the organizer of the gameplay. He is a non-player character and describes the effects on the world due to the players' actions.

Yasha Nydoorin, played by Ashley Johnson, is an easier barbarian who has been thrown out of her homeland Xhorhas. She was exiled for violating the rules of strict arranged marriage traditions. She is worried as she is an Orphanmaker now and has given her followers the right to control her.

  • Fjord Stone, played by Travis Willingham, is a half-orc warlock. He agreed with an evil leviathan, Uk'otoa, while he was drowning in the sea. However, after some time, he broke the agreement and became a follower of the Wildmother. Wild mother is the goddess of the sea.
  • Jester Lavorre, played by Laura Bailey, is a tiefling cleric. She is the follower of an unclear identity called the traveller. Her relationship with the traveller becomes weak when she discovers that he is not an actual being and is archery known as Artagan.
  • Caleb Widogast, played by Liam O'Brien, is a human wizard. He was enrolled in a school for magicians called the Soltryce Academy and soon was chosen as the assassin for the Empire. He is also famous for inventing new spells. The training costs a lot of mental and physical health.
  • Mollymauk “Molly” Tealeaf, played by Taliesin Jaffe, is a tiefling blood hunter and con artist. He works in a travelling circus.
  • Beauregard “Beau” Lionett, played by Marisha Ray, is a human monk. She has been working for the Order of the Cobalt Soul.
  • Nott the Brave, played by Sam Riegel, is a goblin rogue. He has a wish to increase his magical potential after running out of jail with Caleb.

critical season campain 2

What Are the Ratings of the Second Campaign of the Series Critical Role?

The response of the audience and critics has been extremely good on the Critical Role Campaign 2.

Critical Role has received a rating of 9.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Where Can We Watch the Second Campaign of the Critical Role?

You will find many websites all over the Internet where you can have the podcast of the web series Critical Role Campaign 2. The e-book is available on Google Play. You can buy it from there.

The series is available on Spotify and iTunes.


You can watch Critical Role Campaign 2 on various platforms mentioned above. Keep enjoying it.

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